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SYFY WIRE The Fandom Files

Geeky ASMR stars will send you into a nerdy bliss [Ep #93]

By Jordan Zakarin

The YouTube personality known as Gibi spends most of her days in her studio, recording videos and audio tracks in which she speaks softly and makes sounds with household objects. She sometimes dresses up as characters that she has created herself, including a blue-haired elfin woman who lives in Japan (named Daisy) and a mermaid named Lorelei.

She has two million subscribers and her video regularly break over a million views, putting her at the forefront at the burgeoning world of ASMR.

The micro-genre of videos have blown up in the last few months, thanks in part to long stories in magazines like The Atlantic. The co-host of The Fandom Files, Emily Gaudette, has long been a fan of ASMR videos, so in this episode we speak with Gibi, along with another well-known ASMRtist, known as ASMR Shanny, about their work in the field, making videos, their own triggers, and much more. And for those really into ASMR, don't worry about a shift in volume — we did this entire episode in ASMR!