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SYFY WIRE Gemini Man

Gemini Man first reax hail technical marvel and stunning display of Will Smith vs Will Smith

By Christian Long
Will Smith older Gemini Man

Will Smith may be at odds with his younger self in Gemini Man, but there seems to be a consensus that the film is one hell of a thrill-ride. 

The first reactions to director Ang Lee's technically ambitious sci-fi spectacle have started to roll in, and it's being hailed as the next breakthrough for cinema. Smith stars as Henry, a veteran assassin who's being chased by a younger, stronger, much more genetically-enhanced clone of himself.

The technical marvel of dueling Will Smiths doesn't end there, as Gemini Man was filmed at 120 frames per second, twice the speed that movies are normally shot at. While Lee has done this before with Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk, it was largely a jarring experience for audiences. Now, it seems that the Life of Pi director has gotten more adept at the format, and used it to create a truly immersive experience. 

(Editors note: Jordan Zakarin is the Features Editor of SYFY WIRE)

Even many of those who weren't thrilled with the overall premise still praised the unnervingly detailed world that Lee pulls the audience into, thanks largely to his high-frame-rate filming. 


Gemini Man spent roughly two decades in development hell before Lee got involved back in early 2017. While filming, he repeatedly had to tell Smith to "act less good" while playing himself circa-1994. Additionally, the film's effects crew, Weta Digital, mined a lot of the actor's time as The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air to help lift the de-aged character out of the uncanny valley. 

You can see the marvel for yourself when Gemini Man opens in theaters Oct. 11. Judging by these reactions, you should probably see it on the biggest screen you can get in front of.