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Holiday Gift Guide: For the superhero fan

Gift Guide Superhero

This page features from our brand partners. SYFY may receive a revenue share from purchases made though these links. Price and availability are accurate at the time of publishing.

As the holiday season approaches, we’re happy to report that there are a plethora of gifts out there for any fan of superheroes and comics, whether it’s you or someone in your life. As you can see from our list below, many of the gifts center on what makes comics so special in the first place: the artwork itself.

In particular, DC’s Gallery Editions are based around the work of some of its most famous artists. They give fans not just a beautiful keepsake of a book, but a rare look into the creative process at its most unfiltered and raw, with the books presenting museum-quality reproductions of the kind of original art usually only glimpsed by dedicated (and wealthy) collectors.

So browse the awesome lineup of books and shirts below, enjoy the imagery that has inspired us for decades, and get immersed in the holiday spirit by getting or giving some of the best artwork around. 

POW! BAM! Thank You, Batman!

Sold by goodr sunglasses
We know it's a little hard to read a comic book on your face. Pretty impossible, actually. Regardless of the logistics, Goodr joined forces with DC Comics to create these Batman-themed comic-lined sunglasses for all of your vigilante needs.


Sold by Graphitti Designs
This Graphitti Designs Gallery Edition, limited to 500 copies, was actually the first in the series and features a variant cover in addition to 'museum-quality' reproductions of original Batman art. Printed in color from high-resolution scans of the originals, this edition contains the covers and interior pages from Batman #515 and #525 (minus the interior of #520, which Jones did not draw). They’re replicated at the original size and include errors, whiteout marks, and even coffee stains. A great gift (the book, not the coffee stains).


Sold by Graphitti Designs
Carrying her shield, sword and the Lasso of Truth, Princess Diana of Themyscira is poised proudly ready for battle in this rich black shirt designed by David Finch. The artist, who has provided art for Wonder Woman, Batman, Justice League of America and many others, captures Diana at her most heroic and defiant. You or the Wonder Woman fan in your life will want to wear this one all the time.

It's Not a Whip, It's a Lasso

Sold by goodr sunglasses
The dictionary defines whip as 'a length of cord with a handle used for striking' and lasso as 'a length of cord in a loop used for capturing.' See the difference? Wonder Woman wants to capture criminals, not strike them, but she might have to strike them to capture them, so she carries a lasso that can whip but is not a whip, not a whip that can lasso but is not a lasso. It's quite simple. Celebrate proper nomenclature with these WW costume-patterned sunnies.

800 Years Young

Sold by goodr sunglasses
How old is Wonder Woman? We're scared to ask, but we did five minutes of research and we're guessing eight centuries. At least. Since she’s a demigoddess. Yes, we're jealous, but we’re also inspired. Age ain’t nothing but a number! So, be an optimist. On your birthday, don’t complain 'I’m so old!' Say 'I’m so much younger than Wonder Woman!' Then put on these timeless WW comic-patterned sunnies. They'll cover up your crow's feet.

GIRL POWER: AMANDA CONNER Gallery Edition Variant Edition

Sold by Graphitti Designs
We couldn't leave the ladies out of our round-up of these fabulous Gallery Editions, Artist Amanda Conner's original artwork gets the spotlight in this one, which features her work from Before Watchmen: Silk Spectre, Power Girl, Wednesday Comics: Supergirl and more, including an assortment of cover art. High-resolution scans of all of Conner’s original artboards grace this large, deluxe format book, which is a must for Conner and DC fans.


Sold by Graphitti Designs
The last son of Krypton joins the Dark Knight in this variant Gallery Edition featuring artwork from the legendary Michael Turner. The book collects the 'Supergirl' story arc from Superman/Batman #8-13, as well as numerous covers from other DC titles that established Turner as a major artistic force. And yes, these are museum-quality reproductions of Turner's original art, captured as close as possible to owning the original art yourself.


Sold by Graphitti Designs
Some fans prefer an all-black-clad Batman, while others like the purple look of the Adam West version. We’ve always liked the gray and black variety of Bat-costume ourselves, which is why this T-shirt really grabs our attention. With the shirt in smoky gray and the Bat-symbol in deep, shadowy black, this is a Bat-shirt we’d like to see left under our Christmas tree.


Sold by Graphitti Designs
Made for women, this slinky black tee depicts the eternally smoldering chemistry between the Dark Knight and his nemesis/love interest, Catwoman. The liquid, gleaming black and white art features an intimate moment between Bruce and Selina, one of the great romances in all of comic book history. And now that turbulent, tempestuous relationship can be close to your heart or that of your own special partner.


Sold by Graphitti Designs
Alex Ross is known for his majestic, detailed, and realistic depictions of our favorite superheroes on so many classic comic book covers, so we can’t think of a better artist to have on a T-shirt as well. This sharp black garment features Superman literally bursting out of the shirt in all his glory, with the same attention to detail and brilliant, bright colors that are a trademark of Ross' work. If you’re going to get one Superman shirt as a present, this should be the one.

Caped Crusader Sun Shaders

Sold by goodr sunglasses
These shades were designed to look good and fit comfortably on your face whether you're running laps on a track or fighting off supervillains. Neighborhood crime ramping up? Time to don this one-size-fits-all Batsuit for your face.

BATMAN: SECRETS-SAM KIETH Gallery Edition Variant Edition

Sold by Graphitti Designs
What? You say you want even more of these awesome Gallery Editions? Then try this one on for size. Batman: Secrets was an acclaimed 2006 miniseries drawn by Sam Kieth and written by the likes of Len Wein and Kurt Busiek. The Bat battles the Joker in this epic tale, which is presented in its original raw form through the magic of the Gallery Edition. With a variant cover, scanned original art from Kieth, and lots of extras, this is ideal for the Kieth and Batman fan.


Sold by Graphitti Designs
If you're feeling more like an anti-hero than a superhero this holiday season, may we direct you to this bold black shirt emblazoned with the symbol of the powerful supervillain Black Adam. You'll feel like you can take on Shazam himself once you pull this baby down over your torso. The symbol is created with a special gold foil treatment to give it that extra super-powered sheen.

The Dark Knight Returns: Frank Miller Gallery Edition

Sold by Graphitti Designs
Wanna own a piece of original Batman comic art? Well, if you don't have a fat bank account, Graphitti Designs' Gallery Editions could be the next best thing. The 2016 Gallery Edition of The Dark Knight Returns has something like 138 of its 188 pages sourced and scanned in color from Frank Miller's original black-and-white pages. The hardcover, Smythe-sewn edition (this one with a variant cover) also features all the covers, related art, and previously unpublished pieces. It's a startling look at the raw version of one of the most influential graphic novels of all time.

The Making of The Umbrella Academy HC

Sold by Dark Horse Comics
This is a coffee table book about the hit Netflix series based on the award-winning comic book about a family of dysfunctional young superheroes. This vividly designed 160-page chronicle takes you through the development and production of the show, enhanced with hundreds of behind-the-scenes photos and exclusive commentary from the creative team. Fans of both the comics and the TV series will not want to miss fantastic tome.