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God Friended Me cast and crew tease what's to come in season 2

By Tara Bennett
God Friended Me CBS

On the heels of the announcement that CBS has renewed God Friended Me for a second season, co-creators and executive producers Steven Lilien and Bryan Wynbrandt, along with series leads Brandon Micheal Hall and Violett Beane, appeared today for a TCA panel where they teased some upcoming reveals.

In particular, Wynbrandt shared that actor Adam Goldberg has been cast as Simon Hayes, the mysterious figure who might have something to do with the God account. "He’s already filming," the EP said, "and is doing a wonderful job."

Considering that mystery is pretty central to the core of the show, when asked if the God account would be completely explained by the end of Season 1, Wynbrandt hedged and only offered, "Simon Hayes' involvement with the God account will be explained, and end the season in a satisfactory way."

The series has also recently put the relationship statuses of Miles (Hall) and Cara (Beane) as both single, a first for them both in the series. Asked if that means the chemistry building between the two characters will finally get to be explored in a more romantic way, Lilien said, "What you see is what you get [with Brandon and Violett]. It's not hard for them to generate chemistry, so, in the back half of the season, both will be single. They have this amazing thing they are doing, and if they take the next step, what would it do to what they’re doing overall? The back half of the season addresses it."

God Friended Me airs on CBS Sunday nights.

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