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SYFY WIRE Godzilla

Godzilla's US takeover moves to Austin with a Mondo poster show at SXSW

By Jordan Zakarin
Terror of Mechagodzilla Mondo poster

Godzilla's march across the United States will take him to Texas in March, but instead of stomping around and laying waste to its infrastructure, he'll be at the center of a tasteful art gallery filled with movie buffs.

Mondo, the fan-favorite movie art and merchandise brand, announced on Thursday that it will host a huge original poster gallery devoted entirely to Godzilla movies at the SXSW festival in Austin, Texas. Godzilla: A Poster Show, curated by Mondo co-founders/senior creative directors Mitch Putnam and Rob Jones and Mondo senior creative director Eric Garza, will feature 24 different posters created by 11 artists. The show opens on the evening of Friday, March 13, and runs through that Sunday evening.

The iconic kaiju had an all-time busy year in 2019, which saw the release of the second movie in the Legendary franchise and marked the original Japanese movie's 65th anniversary. Parent studio Toho brought Godzilla to San Diego Comic-Con with a massive booth featuring old movie props, live art, and new merchandise, then kept the celebration going with a huge Criterion Collection Blu-ray release and many, many rounds of new merch. In November, the third Legendary film, Godzilla vs. Kong, will hit theaters.

SYFY WIRE is exclusively debuting the poster for the show, as well as artist Tom Whalen's poster for Terror of Mechagodzilla, the final movie in the original Showa era and the last Godzilla movie directed by franchise co-creator Ishiro Honda, and the variant version of that poster in Japanese.

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