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Muppets Now's Gonzo is as destructive as ever, says the Muppets need better insurance

By Tara Bennett
Gonzo and Camilla

Gonzo the Great. For over four decades, he's been a stalwart MVP of the Muppet roster known for his seriously malfunctioning trumpet and having a penchant for flinging his little body into the heavens just to see what happens.

What is he? Who knows!

All we've got is that he's blue with a prominent proboscis and a thing for chickens, especially Camilla, the love of his life.

Everyone's favorite Muppet of mystery is back with his own brand of bizarre in the new Disney+ streaming series Muppets Now, which debuted on July 31 with six felt-fueled episodes. Absolutely the rogue agent of the gang, in any given episode Gonzo might be grilling RuPaul or eyeing up flammables in the Muppet Labs. He remains eccentric, dapper, and flat-out weird ... just like we like him.

SYFY WIRE got the opportunity to catch up with Gonzo about the premiere of Muppets Now. His appetite for destruction remains gloriously strong and succinct. 

Gonzo the Great Muppets Now

Hello, Gonzo! How are you?

Gonzo: It’s so good to be sheltering in place together.

I have to ask, have you been taking this time with Camilla to really up your game when it comes to your stunt work?

No, we’re just sipping Mint Julips on the patio. Where are you right now?

Los Angeles, right near where you shot Muppets Now.

Oh my gosh. Well, whup de doo!

You’ve got some fun segments in this new series like "Mup Close and Personal," which you partake in and "Muppet Labs." Did you try to get your own Gonzo segment, but Joe from Legal said, "No."?

I did. I don’t know if it was Joe [or] it was more like the fire marshal. I did a show of stunts and accidentally blew the side out of the building, so that got canceled.

Well, insurance liabilities are a thing, But, you’ve always been an insurance liability! You’d think they’d have a Gonzo rider by now.

Absolutely! We should go back to our old insurance.

How’s Camilla doing?

She’s great. She’s just out in the coop, here. She’s laying. We’re going to have omelets for dinner.

Muppets Now RuPaul

In your "Mup Close and Personal" segment, you talk to RuPaul. You really grilled him with some questions I didn’t expect. How did you prepare?

I never think about it in advance. But RuPaul is great. He’s so much fun and the nicest guy, too. We’ve worked with him a couple times and love him.

Who is closest to your weirdo Gonzo heart in terms of someone you bonded with on this show?

I didn’t work with her directly, but I was there when Linda Cardellini was there. She’s really sweet.

Do you have a dream guest?

No, I’ll work with anybody!

What’s your favorite episode?

I like it when Bunsen Honeydew does things. He does destructive things and I kinda like it.

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