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'Good Burger 2' is 'closer than it's ever been,' according to Kenan Thompson

A sequel to Good Burger could happen sooner than you think. 

By Matthew Jackson
(l-r) Kenan Thompson and Kel Mitchell

We're in an age of seemingly unlimited legacy sequels. If it's a beloved property from a few decades ago, there's a good chance someone somewhere is trying to find a way to bring it back, and that includes plenty of stuff you loved when you were a kid. It's such a big sequel market right now that even the cult classic Good Burger is getting in on the game.

Yes, you read that correctly. Shortly after their brief but celebrated reunion at the Primetime Emmy Awards earlier this year, Good Burger stars Kenan Thompson and Kel Mitchell are apparently seriously working on a sequel, which means that "Sequel coming next year" tease during the show wasn't just part of the bit. Speaking to Entertainment Tonight over the weekend, Thompson confirmed that a script for the new film has already been written, and discussions are underway to bring it to the screen. 

"We're getting really close on Good Burger 2," Thompson said. "It's gonna happen, and I think it's gonna happen soon. We're gonna figure out when the pocket of time will be to shoot it, but it's gonna happen. It's closer than it's ever been. So, I don't think anything is gonna derail it."

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Thompson and Mitchell became fan-favorites in the mid-'90s during their tenure on Nickelodeon sketch comedy show All That, and soon landed their own wild sitcom with Kenan & Kel in 1996. A movie was the next logical step for the dynamic duo, and Good Burger -- based on the All That sketch of the same name, arrived in 1997. The film was a financial success, and has continued to have a long lifespan on home video, where it's become a favorite among '90s kids and their own children alike. 

As for exactly when and where we might see the follow-up, Thompson didn't offer details on that front, though it's worth noting that the streaming service Paramount+ has already served as a new home base for several Nickelodeon revivals. What Thompson did emphasize, though, is that the script is in such good shape that he and Mitchell have already held table reads.

"We had a reading, like a little private thing just to hear the script that we've been working on, out loud -- just with a couple friends and a couple people from Paramount and Nickelodeon, and it was so funny," he said. 

Though Mitchell has kept busy with voice acting and game show appearances, in addition to other film and TV roles, Thompson has remained the most high-profile member of the duo thanks to his record-breaking tenure on Saturday Night Live. It was his SNL stardom that led to a gig as Emmys host this year, which then served as a sort of soft launch for interest in Good Burger 2. Now, it seems we're not that far away from the film becoming reality. 

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