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Guy Burnet says The Feed's scary technology already exists


Are you a part of The Feed? Amazon Prime's newest original series is out this week, presenting a new look at technology gone wrong.

Imagine if your smartphone was embedded into your body and directly connected to your brain. Then think about what would happen if that tech simultaneously scrambled the brains of nearly every user ...

Guy Burnet is headlining The Feed as Tom Hatfield, the son of the man who created the technology that may destroy the world. According to Hatfield, one of the most intriguing things about The Feed is the fact that most of its technology is based in reality.

"In Sweden, people have chips in their hand. Not everyone, but it's starting," said Hatfield. "They'll access their car door, or they'll access the entrance to their homes. So this technology is already inside of us. That sounds scary to us now. [But] I think the reality is, if I told you what today's world would be ten years ago, that would sound really scary too. Everybody has access to everything. Everything is available on a small device."

"Basically, this [show] is set in the next five to ten years, with those devices implanted in you," continued Hatfield.

The Feed is available now on Amazon Prime. For more intel about the show and Hatfield's thoughts about his co-stars David Thewlis and Michelle Fairley, check out the entire video!