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SYFY WIRE obituary

Halloween: Resurrection writer Larry Brand dead at 69

By Christian Long
Halloween Resurrection poster

Author and filmmaker Larry Brand died peacefully in his home at the age of 69. He passed away on Feb. 9, as reported by Deadline.

Along with a wealth of non-genre credits to his name, Brand came up with the story to the 2002 horror sequel Halloween: Resurrection, as well as receiving a co-writing credit with Sean Hood. The film was a direct sequel to1998's Halloween: H20, and remains one of the franchise's higher-grossing sequels all these years later.

Born in New York City on Dec. 16, 1949, Brand first made his way to Los Angeles in the mid-'70s. His first job in Hollywood was as the driver and production assistant to Orson Welles. He started to write teleplays in the mid-'80s, including episodes of The Magical World of Disney and The Fall Guy.

By the late '80s and early '90s, Brand collaborated with B-movie producer Roger Corman, writing and directing films like Overexposed, The Drifter, and Masque of the Red Death.

More recently, he moved into podcasting, writing and directing Young Charlie by Hollywood & Crime. The series of serial killer Charles Manson became the number-one podcast in the English-speaking world in November 2017. In May of last year, he and co-host Tracy Pattin released The Wonderland Murders by Hollywood & Crime, the follow-up looked at a brutal Hollywood Hills crime from 1981. It, too, was a massive success, holding the top podcast spot for nine days.

Brand is survived by his brothers Nick and Tim Roth, his sister-in-law Amanda Roth, his nephew Chris Roth, and his writing partner of 39 years, Rebecca Reynolds.