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First trailer for long-awaited 'Halo' series on Paramount+ introduces an epic sci-fi world

Master Chief suits up for his TV debut as a live-action Spartan.

By Benjamin Bullard & Jacob Oller
Halo Infinite

Paramount+ is putting Halo on the small screen at last, loading out Master Chief for the first time ever as a live action series. With this year’s Game Awards bearing down, the streamer teased fans earlier this week to be on the lookout for the first official trailer from the upcoming smash Xbox video game crossover — and sure enough, it delivered.

Fans who’ve been flooded (pun intended) with curiosity about how the TV version of Halo might compare visually with the iconic sci-fi games will likely come away satisfied with the trailer’s big-budget look. With Pablo Schreiber anchoring an ensemble cast in the role of Master Chief, the show looks to capture the same sleek space spectacle as its Xbox source material.

Check it out:

The first trailer for the series looks less like a video game adaptation and more akin to something like The Expanse, building a massive sci-fi world and telling an epic tale in the middle of it. There's no doubt there's plenty of material and world-building to mine, and if nothing else, the show looks like it could be worth the wait after all these years of development.

On the gaming side, Halo remains one of the biggest success stories of the past 20 years, becoming an instant system-seller with the 2001 debut of Halo: Combat Evolved for Microsoft’s original Xbox. The series trailer arrives in the same week as the hugely anticipated debut of the newest installment in the first-person shooter franchise, with Halo Infinite landing Dec. 8 on current-gen Xbox platforms to critical acclaim (the game currently holds an 86 aggregate review score at Metacritic.)

Originally targeted to debut on Showtime, ViacomCBS shifted the series over to Paramount+ last year as part of the premium network’s early post-launch content rollout. With that shift came a light shakeup among Halo’s creative team, with original co-showrunner Kyle Killen exiting the project while Steven Kane, the other half of the showrunning duo, remained behind to shepherd the first season of the series to its conclusion.

Schreiber is joined by a cast including Natascha McElhone, Bokeem Woodbine, Shabana Azmi, Bentley Kalu, Natasha Culzac, and Kate Kennedy.

Halo is set to debut at Paramount+ in 2022.