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Harry Lloyd may, or may not, be keeping his hair as Professor X on Legion's final season

By Christian Long
Legion FX

Earlier this week, Legion showrunner Noah Hawley announced that Harry Lloyd would be taking on the role of Professor X in the psychedelic superhero show's third and final season. While the Game of Thrones alum currently sports a full head of hair, he isn't worried about losing his hair playing the famously bald telepath.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, the actor said that the hair situation was one of the first things he addressed, but it hasn't quite become an issue — for now.

"Thankfully, there’s no shaving required," said Lloyd, before adding, "as of yet. I haven’t seen all the scripts."

In addition to leading the X-Men, Xavier is also the father of David Haller (Dan Stevens), who is himself a mutant with inordinate psychic powers on the show. Hawley told The Wrap earlier this week that in Legion's mythology, when David was born, Xavier "went off to fight [Amal Farouk] and kick Farouk out of his body."

"I think what we’re going to explore is that story," Hawley went on to say about the impending final season.

Lloyd will be joined by Mr. Robot actress Stephanie Corneliussen, who will play his wife, Gabrielle, making Season 3 a full-on family reunion for David. Given the rather shocking turn of events at the end of Season 2, it'll be interesting to see how David and his very fragile ego will handle the presence of both parents. Not to mention that his dad is an incredibly powerful mutant telepath in his own right.

And even if Lloyd does end up having to go bald for the part, it won't be nearly as bad as what Khal Drogo did to his character, Viserys Targaryen, during Game of Thrones' first season, which gave the phrase "chrome dome" a distinctly golden hue.

Legion's third season is set to premiere on FX sometime this June.