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SYFY WIRE Henry Golding

Dean Koontz's Bourne-esque 'Nameless' coming to TV starring Snake Eyes' Henry Golding

The actor will step into the role of an amnesiac working on behalf of a shadowy organization.

By Josh Weiss
Henry Golding GETTY

Henry Golding is going from G.I. Joe to "Who Am I?" SYFY WIRE has confirmed that the Snake Eyes star has been tapped to lead the cast of Nameless, an upcoming TV series based on a dozen short thriller books penned by Dean Koontz and published by Amazon. Golding will step into the title role of Nameless, a Jason Bourne-esque amnesiac working on behalf of a shadowy agency. He travels the country, "turning predators into prey turning predators into prey and dispensing justice when the law fails," reads the official synopsis. "As he moves from town to town, the pain of his past can’t hold him back, until dark and splintered visions lead him toward his greatest test yet."

“I’m delighted to have my material in the hands of such dedicated and accomplished producers, and when I heard the name Henry Golding, I shouted, ‘YES!’ Mr. Golding will be perfect and unforgettable as Nameless,” Koontz said in a statement.

In addition to starring, Golding is also set to executive produce the project under his Long House Productions banner. The actor's fellow EPs include: Sidney Kimmel, John Penotti, Charlie Corwin, and Marcy Ross of SK Global and Paula Mazur and Mitchell Kaplan of Mazur Kaplan. Long House currently enjoys a first-look deal with SK Global.

“I’ve long been fascinated by the idea of telling a mystery thriller in an episodic format. But to work with the master of suspense thrillers — Dean Koontz’s Nameless is beyond my expectations,” said Golding. "To bring this exceptional series to the screen with my partners SK Global and Mazur Kaplan will be an exhilarating journey as we look to bring a fresh and unique take on Dean’s characters."

Dean Koontz #1 Nameless PRESS

“Dean Koontz’s Nameless is one of those rare page-turning series that immediately hooks audiences and never lets up," Penotti, Corwin and Ross added in a joint statement. "The non-stop action and intrigue set a perfect stage for the type of global storytelling we strive for at SK Global, and we’re overjoyed for the opportunity to develop this series alongside our exceptional partners Henry Golding and Mazur Kaplan.”

Discussing his transition to action hero status with Digital Spy over the summer, Golding said he "really wanted to push my boundaries in terms of the different genres, the different scripts, the different directors I get to work with. And Snake Eyes was definitely up there in terms of hitting that action spot, in which I was looking for the right story, the right role, the right characters."

All 12 Nameless stories — starting with In the Heart of the Fire and ending with Zero In — are currently available to purchase via Amazon. The series occupied all 12 slots of the Kindle Singles Best Seller back in June when the final story was published.