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Holy Podcast! Behind the Panel: Batman at 80

By Mike Avila
The Dark Knight

Behind the Panel is a SYFY WIRE podcast documentary series about the world of comics, hosted by Emmy-winner Mike Avila, executive produced by SYFY's Matt Romano, and produced, scored and edited by Paul Terry.

Behind the Panel follows its four-part special on "The Story of Vertigo Comics" (now available via all podcast providers) with the first episode of "Batman at 80," celebrating the 80th Anniversary of Batman.

The first of the four-episode series focuses on the complex and eclectic legacy of the character's comic-book universe. Exclusive interviews in this episode include:

Jim Lee (DC Comics CCO/Publisher and artist of countless comics including Batman: Hush)

Athena Finger (granddaughter of the late Bill Finger, the co-creator of Batman)

Joe Giella (oldest living Batman artist who was a ghost artist for Batman co-creator Bob Kane)

Neal Adams (Eisner & Harvey Awards Hall of Fame inductee who first drew Batman in 1970)

Becky Cloonan (Eisner Award-winner and the first female artist to draw the main Batman title)

Steve Englehart (legendary Batman writer who first wrote for the character in the 1970s)

Tom King (Eisner Award-winner; current writer for the main Batman title)

Frank Miller (multi-award-winning writer/penciller of The Dark Knight Returns)

Klaus Janson (multi-award-winning inker of The Dark Knight Returns)

Marv Wolfman (multi-award-winning writer and creator of the third Robin, Tim Drake)

Jim Starlin (multi-award-winning writer and artist of several Batman titles)

James Tynion IV (writer of several Batman comics since 2011)

Paul Levitz (former writer, editor and publisher of DC Comics)

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Behind the Panel's theme song is "Failsafe" by Cellarscape.