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Hot Take Intervention: Blade Runner


For over three decades, Ridley Scott's Blade Runner has been recognized as a cinematic masterpiece. But what if someone you loved or cared about couldn't see the genius in that film? That's what the first installment of SYFY WIRE's Hot Take Intervention is all about!

Long time host and contributor, Angélique Roché, has let it be known that she doesn't like Blade Runner at all. Juan Cadavid (one of our video producers) just can't let that stand, and he's dragged Angélique on to Hot Take Intervention to give her side of the argument while trying to win her over. But the next episode of Hot Take Intervention may need to be held for host Jackie Jennings and her ridiculous Dr. Phil-style wig.

Regardless of Jackie's questionable wig choices, she does offer some very basic therapy techniques to get at the root of the disagreement between Angélique and Juan. It's not Harrison Ford's presence that offends Angélique, as she professes to love his films including any and all Indiana Jones movies. Honestly, it's hard to disagree with her on at least one aspect of the film. Ford really does sound bored during Blade Runner's voice over narration sequences. As a counterpoint, Juan argues that the film's importance to the genre can't be overstated and it really lives up to its legend.

Angélique also points out that Scott and Ford can't even agree about whether his character is a Replicant within the film. This is true, but we're more on the side of Juan about the overall quality of Blade Runner. The battlelines have been drawn. Now, which side will prevail?

Check out the whole video for the full argument for and against Blade Runner. Then be sure to leave us a comment below!