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How Clerks 3 became Jay and Silent Bob Reboot


Twenty-five years ago this month, filmmaker Kevin Smith released his breakthrough directorial debut, Clerks. It was also the birth of the View Askewniverse, a shared universe of films featuring Jason Mewes as Jay and Smith as Silent Bob. For the last few years, Smith had been making earnest attempts to bring Clerks 3 to the big screen. But when SYFY WIRE recently caught up with Smith, he explained why his original vision for Clerks 3 became his upcoming film, Jay and Silent Bob Reboot.

"It started life as Clerks 3," admitted Smith. "I didn't get to make Clerks 3. I was like, 'I'm gonna pivot and make Mallrats 2.' And we didn't get to make Mallrats 2. Then I was like, 'Why am I banging my head up against a wall?' I don't own Clerks and Mallrats, so I am kind of at the mercy of others for that. Jay and Silent Bob I do own."

Smith went on to tell us that Jay and Silent Bob Reboot is both a reboot and a sequel to Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, while simultaneously parodying reboots and sequels. He also touched upon his long history with Mewes and how he came to create the character Jay for his friend to play.

Additionally, Smith noted that his 2018 heart attack gave him a new perspective as a creator. However, not everything he's working on lends itself to the gravitas he wants to add to it.

"Right now, I'm working on Masters of the Universe for Netflix, the He-Man cartoon," said Smith. "So I'm like, 'This has to stand for who I was as a person!’ People are like, 'Bro, it's Skeletor. It can't mean what you want it to mean.'"

Jay and Silent Bob Reboot will hit theaters this Tuesday, October 15. For more details about the film, check out the full video!