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'I Am Legend' sequel in the works with Will Smith and Michael B. Jordan starring

A sequel to 2007's I Am Legend is bringing Will Smith and Michael B. Jordan together, presumably to fight zombies.

By Vanessa Armstrong
Michael B. Jordan and Will Smith

I Am Legend, the Will Smith-starring 2007 film set in a post-apocalyptic zombified world, is getting a sequel at Warner Bros. Smith will be coming back to star and produce, but according to Deadline (and apparently confirmed by Smith on his Instagram account), the new feature will also have Michael B. Jordan on board as a fellow star and producer.

The amount of A-list talent behind this project is impressive, and it will also mark the first time Smith and Jordan have acted against each other in a major motion picture. Both actors have major Box Office power in their own right, with Independence Day and Men in Black star Smith currently riding high from the critical success of King Richard, and Jordan well known for performances in Black Panther as well as acting in and, for the franchise’s third installment, directing the Creed films. 

We don’t know anything yet about the plot of the new I Am Legend movie, but the original film was loosely based on the book by Richard Matheson, where Smith's character finds himself isolated in New York City as he tries to survive in a crumbling metropolis where he believes only zombies reside. It was adapted for the big screen by writer-producer Akiva Goldsman, who is also coming back to pen and producer the upcoming film. 

The 2007 feature did well and grossed over $585 million worldwide off of the movie’s $150 million budget. With Jordan also on board, however, there’s little doubt that Warner Bros. hopes to far exceed that number. 

No news yet on when the project will go into full production, much less make its way to a theater near you.