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Exclusive: Things get bloody in creepy clip from I Trapped the Devil

By Jacob Oller
I Trapped the Devil header

IFC Midnight’s I Trapped the Devil isn’t your typical haunted house story. For one thing, it’s unclear that there’s actually anything supernatural going on at all. It could all be in its protagonist’s head...but if it is, it’s cold comfort because he’s seeing some seriously messed up things.

The film is about Steve (Scott Poythress), who really thinks he’s caught the Devil (and not the sexy Lucifer kind, either) and trapped him in his cellar. Matt (AJ Bowen), his brother, and Karen (Susan Burke), Matt’s wife, aren’t so sure. What they do know for sure, though, is that this is definitely not how they wanted to spent their Christmas.

Writer/director Josh Lobo created a slow burn horror story filled with weird and unpredictable intensity — and now SYFY WIRE can show fans an exclusive clip of things going terribly, terribly wrong.

Check it out:

Happy holidays to your nightmares.

Steve has a gun but it’s not going to do much good against a guy whose stuffed animal is pouring blood onto the floor. An indie thriller sure to please fans looking for a twisty and unreliable flavor in their fear, I Trapped the Devil comes out in theaters and on VOD on April 26.