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Ian Somerhalder believes Netflix's V-Wars will be different from his Vampire Diaries past

By Christian Long
Ian Somerhalder

Ian Somerhalder isn't leaving the vampire genre, but he's looking to explore an all-new side of it. The former star of The Vampire Diaries, which just concluded its eight-season run in 2017, started work last year on another vampire-centric series for Netflix, V-Wars. While some actors would be reticent to move on to another project that was so similar, Somerhalder doesn't think the two shows have much in common at all — even their vampires. 

"I know some people keep asking me, 'Do you think people are going to think you're nuts that you spent eight years on a vampire show only to find yourself on another one?'" the actor told TV Guide. "And no, I don't think people are going to think I'm nuts. And if they do, when they see it, they'll see how different it is."

The primary difference is that V-Wars will lean heavily into the sci-fi side of bloodsucker lore, whereas The Vampire Diaries played liberally by the rules of magic. 

"It's more about the science instead of supernatural fantasy," Somerhalder explained. "These creatures come as a result of a disease. They're not 165 years old; it's happening brand new, in real-time. You're experiencing it as it's happening. What that does to the world is going to be insane."

In his own words, Somerhalder admits that he "doubled down, heavily" when taking on V-Wars, as he's not only starring but serving as a producer and director, as well. Meaning that his influence will be felt throughout all 10 episodes. And while the series will take a different approach to vampires, Somerhalder says that his years on The Vampire Diaries helped ready him to take on such a multitude of roles with V-Wars

"What I'm able to put into V-Wars is a direct reflection of the understanding and the skill sets that I developed on The Vampire Diaries, for sure, both in the production and post-production side. While it takes a lot out of you, it is easy to show up and be the star of a hit television show. It's a different world to build one from the ground up, and I've put my soul into this show."

We'll see what Somerhalder has cooked up when V-Wars premieres later this year on Netflix