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ICYMI: The top 10 posts on FANGRRLS 02/17

By Kayleigh Donaldson
The Good Place S3 finale via official website 2019

Valentine's Day has come and gone, and whether you're a sucker for romance or a loveless heathen, we hope you had a lovely week. FANGRRLS are celebrating this momentus occasion and the rest of February by dedicating the entire month to the topic of sex and genre. We've got something for everyone and we've had an absolute ball diving into the strange worlds of sex in some of our favorite pieces of pop culture. And so have you, dear readers. Here are the top ten most read pieces on FANGRRLS from the past seven days.

Good Place Chidi Eleanor kiss

 - How genre uniquely captures what it feels like to be in a healthy romantic relationship

Genre fiction can offer fantastical and out-of-this-world depictions of romance, but it can also be the perfect foundations to show a healthy, passionate and very relatable romantic relationship. 

 - John Constantine's long journey to being out 

The chain smoking sarcastic Brit of the comic book world, John Constantine, has had a long journey to being out as one of the most prominent bisexual characters in pop culture. 

 - Carol Danvers giving birth to her sexual assaulter is her darkest arc

Carol Danvers has had some very dark things happen to her in her long history with Marvel Comics, but there may be no arc more horrifying than the time she was forced to give birth to her own sexual assaulter and the rest of the Avengers didn't think it was all that big a deal.

 - Sexual repression in Cat People and its remake

The 1942 horror classic Cat People is one of the genre's best depictions of sexual repression. The 1982 remake? Well, it takes a very different route with that subject.

 - Why Arab and Islamic representation matters in the new Dune

As the cast for Denis Villeneuve's remake of Dune becomes ever more celeb-packed, our own Hanna Flint looks at the problem of the serious lack of Arab and Islamic representation in the adaptations and why that matters in the context of a series heavily influenced by Arab history and culture. 

 - Space the Nation: Who wins the Rocinante primary?

SYFY's The Expanse is a deeply political space opera, but how would its characters vote in the 2020 primaries? Ana Marie Cox has a few theories.

 - Body swap sex and issues of consent in Alias, Buffy, Fringe, and Orphan Black

Sci-fi and fantasy is jam-packed with stories about body swaps and all the shenanigans that follow, but that trope is also full of deeply horrifying implications, especially when it comes to sex and consent. Emma Fraser looks at some examples from four geek favorite series.

 - Late to the Party: Sense8

Netflix's cult sci-fi drama Sense8 has some seriously dedicated fans, but our own S.E. Fleenor hadn't checked it out until now. Here's how they got on and how they felt about this glorious sexy mindf*ck of a series.

 - Chosen One of the Day: Cate Blanchett's Infinity Gems dress

Of course Cate Blanchett can rock a dress that looks eerily like the Infinity Gauntlet. All we're saying is that we'd have no problem with her wielding that kind of horrifying universe-changing power if she looked that good doing it. 

 - 10 films we can't wait to see this spring

Captain Marvel! Jordan Peele's Us! Shazam! High Life! This Spring, we have some awesome films to look forward to. Here are ten of the ones we're most hyped about.

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