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ICYMI: The top 10 posts on FANGRRLS 06/29

By Kayleigh Donaldson

It's true: Pride Month is coming to an end this June on SYFY WIRE FANGRRLS, but you can still check out all of the amazing pieces our incredible team put together over the past month. We're ready for summer to truly begin now, so stock up on sunscreen, pick out your beach reads, and get ready for non-murderous festivals of merriment. For now, let us relax and look back at the top ten most read posts from Team FANGRRLS from the past seven days!

Midsommar gif

 - 10 films we can't wait to see this summer

Are you excited for Midsommar? How about Spider-Man: Far From Home? This summer looks set to be jam-packed full of must-see movies!

 - The X-Men animated series version of the Phoenix Saga was confusing but worth it

For many fans, the X-Men animated series was their introduction to not only the franchise but the Dark Phoenix saga, and while their version of that iconic arc is confusing, Sara Century argues that it was worth it.

 - How Dungeons & Dragons helped me find peace

Laura Kate Dale talks about her love of Dungeons & Dragons and all the positive things it brought into her life.

 - Chosen One of the Day: The female-presenting demons of Good Omens

Demons are hot. We all know that. And in Amazon's adaptation of Good Omens, the wild, ugly, snarky female presenting demons are so awesome you may end up cheering on the end of the world with them.

 - The monstrous mothers of Stephen King

If there is one thing for which Stephen King is known to excel, it is his ability to remind us of the horrors of childhood, and nowhere is that more evident than in his chilling depictions of truly monstrous mothers.

 - To Forky and beyond: The 15 most deranged moments of the Toy Story movies

From the first glimpse of him in the teaser trailer, we all knew that Toy Story 4's Forky was going to be something special, but the introduction of a sentient spork suffering an existential crisis isn't even the most bonkers thing in the franchise!

 - All the reasons the new Charlie’s Angels looks awesome

Much to our surprise, the new Charlie's Angels movie looks kind of awesome. It's got amazing costumes, badass Kristen Stewart, a dance number, and absolutely no male gaze. We're sold!

 - The non-toxic masculinity of Rupert Giles

Our collective love of Giles from Buffy the Vampire Slayer is endless. He remains a show favorite and fictional idol to many for a reason.

 - The complicated history of Raven

Raven became a popular DC character in part because of Teen Titans Go!, but her long and strange comics history is a lot more complicated than it may first seem.

 - Vertigo's closing and the potential danger of ratings systems

DC Comics recently announced the closure of several imprints, including the iconic Vertigo, to be replaced by age ratings. Sara Century explains why this is so disappointing, if understandable, and the sticky history of comics ratings systems.

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