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Tron meets Green Lantern in Image Comics' new cosmic superhero series 'Radiant Black'

By Jeff Spry

In an electrifying fusion of alien technology and superhuman heroics, Image Comics is presenting a new creator-owned, sci-fi fantasy series spawned by writer Kyle Higgins (Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, The Rise of Ultraman) and acclaimed artist Marcelo Costa (Self/Made) that's launching on Feb. 10, 2021 — and SYFY WIRE is powering up an exclusive preview of the premiere issue.

This refreshing take on the genre is an ode to costumed crusaders, adding a modern sheen to the legacy of superhero stories and hoping to stir the minds of a new generation. Rounding out the creative team on this project are Becca Carey on lettering and series editor Michael Busuttil.


Radiant Black's plotline stars Nathan Burnett, a frustrated young man who's just turned 30. He's struggling to find his true path in life while enduring two pointless jobs, mounting credit card bills, and the humiliation of having to move back to his parents' house as a last resort.

However, things change in a flash when he encounters a miniature black hole one drunken night. Curious as to its meaning, Nathan accidentally unlocks an unearthly, ethereal force that transforms him into a superbeing with the power to radically change his fortunes! But these mysterious powers don’t exactly belong to him. Now the cosmic entities who created them want them returned by any means necessary.

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Radiant Black is the culmination of all of my years writing superhero comics — it's a love letter to the series that have inspired me as well as a wildly ambitious new take on what superheroes can be, mean and represent in a rapidly changing world," Higgins tells SYFY WIRE. "I can't wait for people to see what Marcelo, Becca, Michael and I have been building.”

For Costa, Costa Radiant Black has two things that he loves best love — superheroes and Sentai.

“I grew up reading comics and watching Sentai," he reveals to SYFY WIRE. "Working on a project like Radiant Black makes me extremely fulfilled and excited. Radiant Black is the comic that I have always wanted to make. I can't wait to show the world what we are doing." 

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"It's been a few years since Kyle first pitched the idea of a new superhero series, but from the moment he mentioned it, I was in," said Eric Stephenson, Image's Publisher & Chief Creative Officer. 

"Kyle's superhero work speaks for itself — especially his epic run on Power Rangers and the hugely successful 'Shattered Grid' event — so the idea of Kyle taking the skills he'd honed on work-for-hire superheroes and developing something of his own just seemed right to me. We've spent a lot of time talking superheroes over the last couple years, and it's been incredible to watch this all come together!"


Now check out our exclusive look at Image Comics' Radiant Black #1 in the full gallery below, before it blasts into comic shops on Feb. 10, 2021.