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Important Toy News: Awesome Captain Marvel action figures are on the way

By Luke Brown
captain marvel hero

The weeks leading into the annual North American Toy Fair are typically rather lacking when it comes to big toy news since vendors are saving any big announcements for the fair. The past few years, however, companies have started teasing their biggest reveals ahead of the show to drum up hype for the biggest toy show of the year.

This week we got a lot of cool teases, and a few awaited reveals for some major products fans have been waiting to hear more about for a long time.

mezco one 12 collective captain marvel


With Captain Marvel ready to rock theaters in a little over a month, the lead-in to the film has delivered us some great action figures. It would appear the best is yet to come, as Mezco has teased a new entry for its One:12 Collective line based on the MCU incarnation of Carol Danvers. Though the full figure and its accessories have yet to be revealed, the teaser shot gives us a solid idea of what to expect from this high-end six-inch figure.

We know this Captain Marvel will come with at least two heads, with one being the helmeted mohawk look and the other likely being a more traditional portrait. Her costume has been meticulously recreated on Mezco's now-standard spandex unitard. The poseability offered by combining that stretchable fabric with Mezco's articulated bodies has been nothing short of fantastic so far, and there's no reason to expect any different for Carol here.

More details, like a potential release date and price, will be offered up next weekend.

Missing media item.


There have been a lot of gorgeous statues released by Sideshow Collectibles since its inception, but over the past five years, the company has pushed its homemade products to new heights. Case in point, the new Domino premium format figure going up for pre-order this week. It's incredibly detailed and features craftsmanship that's hard to top. Domino remaining completely unscathed and the slot machine being flush with bullet holes perfectly captures the personality of the character, while also allowing for a display-friendly silhouette.

There's no release date yet for Domino, but pre-orders open today for the standard ($570) and exclusive editions ($585), with the exclusive version getting an alternate head sculpt where Domino has longer hair. Both versions come with an accessory to create the illusion that Neena's gun is smoking, though the long-hair portrait makes it look like she's blowing the smoke away. The base, a clever casino gameplay on words for one of Marvel's most famous X-Men stories, is identical on either version and helps add some height to the 20-inch tall piece.

neca 1990 tmnt shredder


If you've been following along with SYFY WIRE's toy coverage the past six months, then you know we're big fans of what NECA is doing with its 1990 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles line. Late last year, we got an exclusive look behind the scenes at the development of the figures and a bit of a tease of what was coming down the line. Now that a few months have passed, NECA is finally ready to reveal the much anticipated big bad joining the 1/4-scale line of figures, Shredder.

The deadly Oroku Saki will round out the six planned figures for the initial 1990 TMNT collection, which features all four turtles and a Foot Clan soldier so far. The figure has been rendered in ridiculous detail to capture the exact look of Shredder in the nearly 30-year-old film, right down to the shiny, silver cape. Shredder comes with a few weapons and alternate hands, but most importantly comes with a removable faceguard to show off the scarred face of Oroku Saki hiding behind the mask.

Shredder is available for pre-order now through online retailers for ~$150, and is expected to arrive in Q2 2019.

qmx batman family qmaster diorama


QMx makes some very cute miniature statues based on a myriad of licenses like Harry Potter, Firefly, and Marvel and DC Comics. The Q-Figs are always one of the highlights of QMx's booth at Toy Fair (or any convention for that matter), but this latest effort is a great evolution for the brand. Dubbed a Q-Master Diorama, this Batman: Family statue combines the cute factor of the Q-Figs with a larger scale to deliver a more comprehensive collectible featuring an ensemble of fan-favorite characters.

Due out this August, the $200 piece features a stylized adult Batman being enveloped by five of the key members of the Bat-family including Dick Grayson (Nightwing), Jason Todd (Red Hood), Tim Drake (Robin), Damian Wayne (Robin), and Barbara Gordon (Batgirl). While I wish a few more ancillary characters, like Cassandra Cain and Batwoman, made the cut the overall piece is still a solid representation of the most iconic members of Batman's clan.

Hopefully, this is just the first of many Q-Master statues, as we're already imagining what QMx can do with the Superman family, the Hogwarts kids, and even the Avengers. Perhaps we'll get a better idea at Toy Fair next weekend.