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SDCC: Impulse will have more action and travel to Romania in Season 2

By Donnie Lederer
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Impulse, YouTube's Jeffrey Lieber-created, Doug Liman-directed supernatural series that grew from the world of Jumper, has seen the journey of telekinetic Henrietta “Henry” Cole become a viral sensation, as the show's successful debut led to the online video titan to renew the show for a Season 2.

Attending the show's panel today at San Diego Comic-Con, SYFY WIRE listened in as stars Maddie Hasson, Daniel Maslany, Sarah Desjardins, and Enuka Okuma spoke alongside showrunner Lauren LeFranc about what's to come for the YouTube Original. They also dropped a first look at Season 2, which showed a lot of the darkness experienced during Season 1:

During the panel, LeFranc said that even though this season will also "go to dark places," like Season 1, "We are adding more humor to the second season."

Hasson (Henry) talked about Henry's powers and their evolution: "Her Journey in Season 2 is addressing her trauma to make her powers happen." LeFranc then added, "Henry's powers will evolve quickly, but chaotically."

Henry's power growth relates to how she develops as a character. "We talk a lot about heroes in the first season," LeFranc continued. "In Season 2, we talk a lot about villains. You will get to decide what Henry is when you watch."

The second season will also address the Season 1 cliffhanger right away. Nikolai (Callum Keith Rennie), who shares similar powers to Henry, will factor more into the series.

Maslany (Townes) then joined in, implying it's not just Henry whose character will come into question: "Everyone sees a line they CAN cross, and the struggle is whether they SHOULD cross it."

LeFranc added that they designed these character evolutions from the beginning: "We based these characters on prototypes, but [enjoy the process of] getting to dig deeper."

For Season 2, Henry's powers get to take her international. The panel stressed how excited they were that they got to film in Bucharest, Romania, and not just use VFX to pretend they were there. It led to a VFX conversation, where LeFranc said that they would still stick to the same style as Season 1. "We want the effects to be practical and violent [to match Henry's character]."

We will also be meeting new antagonists in the second season, but it will be up to the audience to decide whether they are good or evil. "We wanted to make sure that our 'villains' were also humans as well. They all believe what they are doing is right," said LeFranc.

What we won't see are any other characters from the Jumper book series (Impulse is the third book in the series). "The ideas from Jumper will be very prevalent within the series, but there are no plans to bring anyone into the show. We've created our beast," said LeFranc.

Impulse returns for a second season this fall.

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