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An unnerving vision hits close to home in exclusive clip from The InBetween finale

By Christian Long
The Inbetween season finale exclusive clip

With the first season of The InBetween coming to an action-packed conclusion, "Monsters and Angels," Cassie is faced with not only a schoolteacher's murder — but also coming to terms with the spirit of serial killer Ed Roven. 

In this exclusive clip from the Season 1 finale, Cassie's seemingly normal shift at the bar goes from banter about some vanilla-flavored gin to being interrupted by a disturbing vision of murder. It's also an important reminder that while she's using her psychic abilities to help solve the city's most disturbing murders, she's not always able to keep her own demons at bay. Check out the clip below for yourself and let us know what you think. 

The InBetween follows Cassie Bedford (Harriet Dyer), a woman with psychic abilities. As she tries to put them to good use, Cassie teams up with the local authorities to use her ability to communicate with the dead to help solve murders. While the show's debut season is coming to an end, it proved to be a worthy addition to the summer schedule, managing to please both critics and fans while bridging the gap between genre and the more customary procedural format. 

You can catch The InBetween season finale, "Monsters and Angels," tonight, August 14 on NBC