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Brandon Cronenberg's next sci-fi thriller 'Infinity Pool' swimming forward with Alexander Skarsgård

By Josh Weiss
Alexsander Skarsgard

When SYFY WIRE caught up with Brandon Cronenberg last year about his latest movie Possessor, the filmmaker (and son of body horror maestro, David Cronenberg) gave us a short update on his next two projects, one of which is a sci-fi thriller entitled Infinity Pool.

Now, per Deadline, Infinity Pool is officially diving into the deep end with backing from Neon and Topic Studios, both of which are financing and executive producing. In addition, Cronenberg has found himself a leading man in Alexander Skarsgård. The True Blood actor, who recently got to show off his genre chops in The Stand (pictured above) and Godzilla vs. Kong, is also on board as an executive producer.

Infinity Pool follows James and Em, a pair of wealthy and vacationing lovebirds who find themselves drawn to a dangerous force lurking just outside the safety of their idyllic hotel. The title is a reference to the bougie private pools overlooking the ocean that one is likely to find at upscale resorts.

But since this is a genre thriller from the son of the dude who gave us Videodrome and The Fly, we imagine the pool has a great view of an endless void of chaotic nothingness inhabited by entities of unimaginable and madness-inducing horror.

Production plans to kick off in early September of this year, though it's unclear where principal photography is set to take place. "We were hoping to shoot that partly in Croatia, for some of the resort scenes," Cronenberg told SYFY WIRE. "But I don’t know when we’ll be able to do that. It’s all up in the air until there’s some kind of effective vaccine."

Well, we've got some very good news for you, Brandon...

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