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Inside Outlander - Episode 5.1: The cast talks wedding bells in 'The Fiery Cross'

By Tara Bennett

It was a long year, but #Droughtlander is over and SYFY WIRE has what you need as we embark on the fifth season of Outlander. To start the season, we've got a series of #InsideOutlander videos that go into the stories behind the episodes with VIPs from the STARZ series.

First up for "The Fiery Cross," we have Caitriona Balfe and Sam Heughan (Claire and Jamie Fraser), and Sophie Skelton and Richard Rankin (Brianna and Roger). When we last left these couples, Jamie and Claire were back at River Run from their expedition to retrieve Roger from the Mohawk in upstate New York. They gave Roger some time to process what had happened to Bree, and allow him to return (or not) on his own. Thankfully, he did come back and we got a thoroughly romantic reunion as Roger asked Bree to see their baby.

Now, a wee bit of time has moved along in "The Fiery Cross" as Fraser's Ridge is complete and they're hosting a wedding for Roger and Brianna to make it official (and make her a MacKenzie). In Diana Gabaldon's book, The Fiery Cross, there are a lot of chapters set during The Gathering of clans which eventually leads to the nuptials. The series has compressed all of The Gathering into one episode with the wedding being the primary backdrop for a lot of emotional moments to unfold.

In our #InsideOutlander, Sophie and Richard remember shooting the big day because it was a rare time to get the cast together. Caitriona and Sam are reminded of their own character's wedding in the series during Season 1 that was only four seasons ago... but they have a grown daughter. That's what we call time travel math.

But just like fans who have been very excited to see how this new wedding will be staged for the series, the actors also have their favorite moments about how their characters feel about the big day, what it means (and doesn't mean) to them in the big scheme of things.

Be sure to check back on Mondays for new SYFY WIRE #InsideOutlander content in Season 5!