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The Winchesters whip up tasty meals in new Supernatural: The Official Cookbook

By Jeff Spry
Cookbook Hero

While the 15th and final season of the seemingly immortal paranormal series Supernatural delves out its spooky delights starting this month, binge-watching all the strange encounters of the Winchester Brothers might conjure up a powerful hunger with diehard fans.

Luckily, an appetizing antidote is on the way in the form of Insight Editions' delectable new Supernatural: The Official Cookbook (out Nov. 5), stuffed to the covers with savory recipes and meals inspired by the smash television series. Author Julie Tremaine and photographer Jessica Torres have created a tantalizing culinary odyssey into the spooky show, filled with a treasure of gastronomical favorites.

Cookbook Cover

Over the years, Sam and Dean Winchester have embarked on some appetite-inducing escapades thwarting monsters, ghosts, and demons, and this geeky new 128-page cookbook celebrates the best of their dining-out adventures, from spirited appetizers and snacks to main dishes and desserts.

Cookbook Slice 3

No matter if you're a veteran chef, budding cook, or devoted diner foodie like the brave Winchester Boys, reading Supernatural: The Official Cookbook will require plenty of absorbent napkins for this mouthwatering collection of recipes, including Garth's Roadhouse Potatoes, a heart-attack-inducing Elvis Burger, Cus's Best Banana Pancakes, To-Die-For Chicago Pizza, Silver Screen Taquitos, and many more. 

Cookbook Slice

Presenting additional road-trip recipes inspired by memorable series characters and familiar locations, and complete with full-color illustrations, this new addition to the expanded Supernatural universe will put you in the perfect mood to bite into more of the show's enduring mythology.

"Sam and Dean, the two main characters, are brothers — but they’ve never had a traditional home or family life," Tremaine tells SYFY WIRE. "The family meal is the one thing they do get to have, even if it’s at a diner counter or in a dingy motel room. Some of the most touching times on the show are when they’re sharing a meal with their loved ones — especially in the 300th episode, when the brothers manage to break the boundaries of time and space to get their parents at the same table to share a family meal of Winchester Surprise, which is one of the very few things Dean remembers his mom cooking for him as a kid." 

Cookbook 9

"Another thing that was really fun was creating recipes inspired by the characters, rather than recreating things you see them eat or drink," Tremaine adds. "Rowena’s Potion, inspired by a powerful witch and sometimes-ally of the Winchesters, looks like magic in a glass and uses Scotch to pay homage to her Scottish roots. Bobby’s Boozy Balls come from his two favorite things in life: bourbon, and saying 'balls!' whenever he’s pissed off, which is pretty much all the time."

Check out our exclusive preview of Insight's Supernatural: The Official Cookbook in the full gallery below, then tell us if this tasty tome is on the menu for your kitchen collection when it arrives Nov. 5.