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Sci-fi prison break series 'Intergalactic' is busting out and heading to Peacock

By Vanessa Armstrong

Prison breaks are always tough, but escaping jail in outer space would undoubtedly be more difficult. Showrunner Julie Gearey (Prisoners’ Wives, Cuffs, Secret Diary of a Call Girl) takes that challenge on, however, in the sci-fi series Intergalactic.

The U.K. show aired earlier this year across the Atlantic, but Peacock will be streaming the eight-part series starting on May 13. To get us up to speed on the convicts' escape plans, the streaming platform just released a thrilling new trailer.

Check it out here:

Intergalactic follows Ash Harper (Savannah Steyn), a young cop and pilot who is wrongly convicted of a treasonous crime and sent to prison. The trailer reveals said prison ship, which has a Guardians of the Galaxy-esque vibe. A crew of prisoners, led by Tula Quik (Sharon Duncan-Brewster), take over the ship and (unlike Guardians) kill the pilot. With no one else to fly the ship, however, Tula "recruits” Ash to fly them across the galaxy to Arcadia, where they’ll all be free.

Now Ash must stay alive with the other escaped convicts, and maybe clear her name? She says she’s working undercover in the trailer, after all, so perhaps she’s hoping to get her law-abiding career back by surviving and turning in her fellow escapees. The rest of the trailer features Ash throwing punches like the best of them, some explosions, and lots of fighting, so it’s a safe bet to say that things don’t go smoothly for the prison breakers.  

In addition to Steyn and Ducan-Brewster, the series stars Eleanor Tomlinson (“Candy”), Parminder Nagra (“Rebecca Harper”), Craig Parkinson (“Dr. Lee”), Thomas Turgoose (“Drew”), Natasha O’Keeffe (“Emma”), Oliver Coopersmith (“Echo”), Imogen Daines (“Verona”), and Diany Samba-Bandza (“Genevieve”).

Intergalactic begins streaming May 13 on Peacock.  

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