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SYFY WIRE Into the Dark

Into the Dark’s Father’s Day episode They Come Knocking trespasses on your nightmare

By Elizabeth Rayne
Into the Dark: They Come Knocking

From real corpses disguised as Halloween props to a Christmas present from another dimension to an internet troll getting way too serious on April Fools’ Day, Hulu always finds a way to make holidays terrifying with Into the Dark. Still, what could possibly be the horror in Father’s Day besides dad jokes and tacky ties?

"They Come Knocking" shows you why it’s never a great idea to go RVing in the middle of the desert. Never mind that Dad insists on parking his trailer miles from civilization just because he wants to remember the first road trip he took with your mother. Starring Robyn Lively (Teen Witch), Clayne Crawford, and Josephine Langford and directed by Adam Mason (who was also behind the camera for last month’s disturbing internet troll-fest), this episode looks like the type of horror you didn’t realize was creeping up your spine until it finally sinks its teeth into you.

There are obviously more things lurking in the dark than the lizards and scorpions you’d expect to find in a place with no other life. Not that the things asking to come in a little too politely or hanging out in the shadows are necessarily alive, and if anything, they make the kind of creepy-crawlies that would live in such a place look downright friendly. It doesn’t help when an alien-esque drawing shows up on the windshield or a corner that was supposed to be empty is now occupied by a pair of boots that definitely has legs attached. You never actually see them in the trailer—but you know they’re there.

Oh, and what is that Gollum-looking thing that appears in the glow of a smartphone screen for a fraction of a second before the trailer cuts off?

Leave the lights on and find out when "They Come Knocking" streams on Hulu June 7.

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