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Pedro Pascal as Wario in a future 'Mario' movie? Jack Black already dream-casting the sequel

Hold up. Let him cook!

By Josh Weiss
Pedro Pascal; Wario

While a sequel to The Super Mario Bros. Movie has yet to be officially confirmed, something tells us an announcement can't be too far off following the movie's record-breaking box office debut. Cast members — like Jack Black (voice of Bowser), for instance — have high hopes for a sophomore installment and are already throwing out names of actors they'd like to see brought onto the budding franchise.

Recently sitting down with GameSpot, Black put forth a scenario in which Mario (Chris Pratt) is forced to join forces with King Koopa. "You know, what if there is a more powerful, more evil villain? Then I may need to be turned to help Mario and the rest to defend our universe against some other unseen force of evil," he mused. "Are you thinking what I'm thinking? Wario. Pedro Pascal is Wario."

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It's an inspired casting idea, especially since Pascal has plenty of experience with the Mushroom Kingdom, having played a grizzled, post-apocalyptic version of Mario during his first time as host of Saturday Night Live earlier this year. What's more: he's no stranger to video game adaptations thanks to his memorable turn as Joel in HBO's critically-acclaimed small screen translation of The Last of Us. If it turns out Pascal can't do it for whatever reason, though, the perfect understudy is staring us in the face: Danny DeVito!

A squat and uncouth reflection of the iconic plumber, the garlic-guzzling, flatulent-loving Wario made his entrance into the Nintendo canon with 1992's Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins. Since then, the character (portrayed by the ever-dependable Charles Martinet) has become a fan favorite staple of wider Super Mario pantheon with regular appearances in the various Mario Kart, Mario Party, and Super Smash Bros. titles. He's also taken center stage in his own, self-titled games like Wario Land and WarioWare.

As we've theorized previously, a Super Mario Bros. Movie sequel could organically introduce Wario and Waluigi (nefarious counterpart to Luigi) by way of cloning. Submitted for your approval: Bowser escapes his solitary confinement, kidnaps Professor E. Gadd, and forces the scientist to duplicate evil versions of our heroes. BAM! Instant story! 

The Super Mario Bros. Movie is now playing in theaters everywhere. Tickets are on sale here! 

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