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The 5 Best Animated Shows on Peacock in July 2024: From Avengers to Almost Naked Animals

From LEGO to YouTube sensations, Peacock has a treasure trove of summer animation fun to discover!

By Tara Bennett
LEGO Iron Man watches Hulk smash.

We love animation here at SYFY WIRE, so we're always delighted to scroll through the Peacock library to mine the huge collection of animated kids originals ready to be newly discovered or happily revisited.

In the Kids TV section on NBCUniversal's streaming service, you'll find everything from popular contemporary shows to nostalgic classics that families can get to know and love together. And every month, there are exciting new additions!

This month, we've curated five excellent animated TV series that will appeal to all age ranges, and definitely keep the kiddos entertained for hours. 

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Great Animated TV Series on Peacock This Month

Almost Naked Animals

Web artist Noah Z. Jones created his menagerie of underwear clad mammals in 2005 on his personal art web page. His creations took off, and in 2011, Almost Naked Animals became a Canadian animated series. The one season series follows the misadventures of Howie the dog and his motley crew of four-legged workers, barely keeping things under control at the Banana Cabana resort. Featuring a unique and colorful ensemble of characters, it's the perfect summer watch for kids who love all things silly. 

Watch Almost Naked Animals on Peacock here!

Jimmy Two-Shoes

Hoo boy, the Canadian animated series Jimmy Two-Shoes is speaking to our times. The two season series is set in Miseryville, the unhappiest town around, which is run by Lucius Heinous the Seventh. He makes putrid products that bring everyone down... except Jimmy Two-Shoes. A happy-go-lucky boy who brings joy to everyone around him, he works with his best friends Heloise and Beezy to bring happiness to the whole town. An infectious show that is all about countering the oppressive darkness, this is perfect for kids with anxiety, who need some sunshine to brighten their perspectives. 

Watch Jimmy Two-Shoes on Peacock here!

LEGO Marvel Avengers: Climate Conundrum

Mix Marvel's Avengers with LEGO and you can't go wrong! Marvel Avengers: Climate Conundrum is a four-part miniseries animated with LEGO minifigs, and their signature humor brings Earth's Mightiest Heroes together for a great big green adventure surrounding a Stark Tower-set global conference to clean up the environment. If your kids love the MCU movies and have a concern about climate change, this is an entertaining way to encourage their interests and not get too heavy. 

Watch LEGO Marvel Avengers: Climate Conundrum on Peacock here!

Onyx Family Mysteries

In 2019, YouTube famous The Onyx Family turned their family vlog adventures into an actual animated mystery series — think contemporary Mystery Inc. — called The Onyx Family MysteriesThe 12-episode series has parents Mirthell and Rita Onyx, and their four kids Shalom, Sinead, Sade, and Shiloh encountering monsters, creatures, and solving mysteries in this fun series that is geared right for the YouTube generation. 

Watch Onyx Family Mysteries on Peacock here!

Zo Zo Zombie

Got a tween who's into horror but needs something tamer than The Walking Dead? Zo Zo Zombie is an entry horror title that pairs human boy Isamu with his bestie, Zo Zo Zombie. It's kinda gross as all zombie stories are, yet this anime meets cartoon aesthetic keeps the insanity from getting dark. If you want to raise your kid on the horror classics, this series is a fun primer to see what they can handle as they dip their toe into the genre. 

Watch ZoZo Zombie on Peacock here!

Check out these greats and many other fun animated series streaming now on Peacock!

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