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SYFY WIRE It Chapter Two

It Chapter Two: James Corden pokes fun at Pennywise with Bachelorette parody

By Josh Weiss
James Corden Pennywise

We've had it wrong all this time, folks. Pennywise was just a misunderstood fear-eating monster that simply wanted a bit of love in It's life.

In a new and hilarious parody sketch from The Late Show with James Corden, Derry's most famous resident, played by the talk show host, becomes a contestant on The Bachelorette and spars with the other dudes for the affections of Ashley. Pennywise (also a personal trainer with wicked dance moves in this reality) really hits things off with her until she finds out about the horrible things he did back in Maine. In the end, his macabre past is not enough to stop Ashley from visiting his home, the sewers of Derry.

This is EXACTLY what Stephen King had in mind for the character when he originally wrote It, we're sure of it!

Watch below:

As for the real Pennywise, Bill Skarsgård made a guest appearance on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert last night and talked about how he based his iconic performance by studying the mannerisms of wild animals like bears and hyenas. He also revealed that like his cinematic counterpart, he has no problem scaring little kids (not really, though), mainly his 11-month-old daughter.

"I've gotten a bunch of fun merch and stuff throughout the years. Her little baby room is just filled with all these Pennywise teddy bears," he said with a little chuckle.

It Chapter Two premiered in theaters over the weekend and racked up the second-biggest horror debut in history with a domestic box office haul of $91 million. The all-time record is held by the first It movie, which was released in 2017. Overseas, the sequel (written by Gary Dauberman and directed by Andy Muschietti) floated its way toward $94 million for a global opening of $185 million.