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Jon Bernthal sent his Punisher stunt coordinator to the hospital, because of course

By Adam Pockross
Punisher season 2 Netflix

When you’re The Punisher, you punish people, it’s what you do. But apparently, you also kinda punish yourself. Oh, and your stunt coordinator, apparently.

While promoting the Marvel show’s second Netflix season on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night, star Jon Bernthal, who prides himself on doing his own stunts, recalled quite the story — which starts with his own obvious trip to the hospital, and ends with his stunt coordinator accompanying him there. But maybe that’s just what you get when you tell someone to “man up” too many times.

As Bernthal told Kimmel, during the filming of the very first fight scene of The Punisher's new season, the star punched someone and immediately realized he had broken his hand. But him being “the orangutan” that he is, he didn’t say anything to anyone, because he wanted to complete the three-day sequence — he “wanted to stay in the fight.” 

Alas, in order to do so, Bernthal was required to use that very hand, in various uncompromising ways. And every time he tried to get stunt coordinator Eric Linden to let him use his other hand — without actually admitting that his hand was hurt — the stunt coordinator would tell Bernthal to “man up” and perform the stunt the way they had choreographed it.

As the days went on and the hand went from being broken to having torn ligaments to getting dislocated, Bernthal was eventually required to throw a barstool at some well-armed foes, as Frank Castle does. When Bernthal resisted this plan, again without mentioning his injury, Linden said, “Come on man, man up and throw the damn stool. What’s the matter with you?”

So Bernthal did the scene, but he used his off-hand to throw the stool, and that’s when the stunt coordinator got his comeuppance. 

"They don't see when I grab it with my left hand, I'm supposed to throw that thing at a mat, but instead I just chuck that thing. And all of the sudden you hear this, 'Ah!' and it had hit that stunt coordinator right in the leg,” said Bernthal. "And I had somebody to go to the hospital with!"

So it looks like they both ended up manning up — straight to the doctor.

The second season of The Punisher is now available for binging on Netflix. 

(via ComicBook.Com)