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Clever girl! Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous drops first S2 trailer; sets January 2021 return

By Josh Weiss
Jurassic World Camp Cretaceous Season 2

Despite the fact that the producers and cast of Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous acted all coy about being renewed for a second season during the virtual press junket a few months back, Netflix obviously never had any intentions of ending the DreamWorks-animated series after its first installment.

Case in point: we already have a first trailer of all-new footage for Season 2 just two months after the renewal announcement. In addition, the eight-episode sophomore outing has a fixed premiere date of Jan. 22, 2021. Yeah, that's right — it's just a little over a month away.

The Indominus Rex is gone, gobbled up by the Mosasaurus, but Isla Nublar is still full of hungry dinosaurs and, as we know, on the verge of being consumed by the eruption of an active volcano. With no immediate help on the way, Darius (Paul-Mikel Williams) and his friends have only one objective: survive. It won't be easy, but it seems they're not as alone as they thought. Let's not forget that a certain character survived their fall from the park monorail after the Pteranodon attack.

Watch the trailer below:

"I would imagine if we were to do more, it would definitely be set in a survival story, a get-off-the-island story, or 'We just gotta make it' story," showrunner/executive producer Kreamer teased during the junket for Season 1.

"We have built a real foundation here that if the audience chooses to let us forward, then we really can weave this quilt together in a way that I think is really new and exciting and pretty unexpected. All we need is permission from the audience to do so," added fellow EP and Jurassic World writer/director Colin Trevorrow.

Camp Cretaceous, whose debut season took place before and during events of the first Jurassic World movie, is also executive produced by the father of the entire Jurassic franchise, Steven Spielberg. Until it catches up with Fallen Kingdom, the show can really do whatever the heck it wants.

Here's the key art:

Jurassic World Camp Cretaceous Season 2

"[I told them,] 'Look, this is your show.' I think that in the first season that was true, but it was existing in the context of something else." And now with Season 2, it is there show. Where we're going forward belongs to all of these minds and that's very exciting to me," Trevorrow said at NYCC in October. "Now, the show starts. Now, here we are and we know who these characters are and ... we don't have any idea what the timeline is. We don't know where this is going."

Sean Giambrone ("Ben"), Kausar Mohammed ("Yaz"), Jenna Ortega ("Brooklynn"), Ryan Potter ("Kenji"), Raini Rodriguez ("Sammy"), Jameela Jamil ("Roxie"), and Glen Powell ("Dave") comprise the rest of the voice cast.

Zack Stentz developed the show and serves as a consulting producer. Aaron Hammersley occupies the role co-showrunner and executive producer alongside Kreamer, while Frank Marshall (a longtime Spielberg collaborator) serves as another EP.