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SYFY WIRE Jurassic World Dominion

Watch: 'Jurassic World Dominion' promises to be 'culmination' of the entire franchise

The legacy cast takes center stage as we prepare for the film's summer release.

By Matthew Jackson
Jurassic World Dominion Screen Grab 1

If you weren't around or weren't necessarily paying attention to pop culture in 1993, it's a little difficult to express now just how massive Jurassic Park was at the time. Even if you didn't actually see Steven Spielberg's adaptation of Michael Crichton's novel on the big screen, it was present everywhere. The toys were all over shelves, natural history museums took advantage of it to stage new dinosaur exhibits, and at least once a day you could turn on the TV and see images of the legendary Stan Winston's massive animatronic T. Rex.

It was a phenomenon, and now Universal Pictures wants to remind you that, in some form, that old magic is coming back. 

We've known for a long time now that Jurassic World Dominion, the sixth entry in the franchise and the third in the Jurassic World series, will feature the reunion of original stars Sam Neill, Laura Dern, and Jeff Goldblum, who will reprise their respective roles as Dr. Alan Grant, Dr. Ellie Sattler, and Dr. Ian Malcolm. At this point we've seen plenty of images of the legacy stars on set and even plenty of footage of their presence in the film's teasers and trailers, where they interact with sequel stars Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard. Now, a new featurette has come along to get fans pumped for the film, and it's leaning heavily on that legacy feeling. 

In the video below, you'll see a lot of footage from Spielberg's original Jurassic Park, intercut with Neill, Dern, and Goldblum offering their memories of what it was like to make the film, and Pratt and Howard offering their own memories of reacting to the 1993 classic as it was arriving. Then, of course, things shift to talk of the new film, which will feature dinosaurs interacting with the human world on a level the franchise has never showed us before, and will center on a union of the old and new, as the survivors of all the previous Jurassic Park mishaps unite to solve a global problem. Check it out:

Obviously it makes a ton of sense to lean into the legacy aspect of Dominion. A lot of people love the original film like they love members of their own family, and the simple fact of the original leads returning for this sequel will be enough to get them to theaters. As writer/director Colin Trevorrow notes, though, it's not just a reunion for the sake of a few choice cameos. The legacy characters are here because the ambition of Dominion is to create a conclusion not just for the Jurassic World trilogy, but for the entire six-film saga a la Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker

"Jurassic World Dominion is the culmination of the franchise," Trevorrow teased. "It concludes a story that Steven Spielberg started telling in 1993." 

How exactly that story will conclude will have to wait for theaters. Jurassic World Dominion arrives June 10.