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Just Beyond: There's something lurking in the dark in creepy, exclusive clip from R.L. Stine's new Disney+ series

By Vanessa Armstrong

Disney+’s Just Beyond, an eight-episode anthology series by Goosebumps and Fear Street creator R.L. Stine, is set to drop on Oct. 13, and SYFY WIRE has a frightening exclusive clip from one of the episodes, just in time to give us a scare before the show’s premiere.

The clip comes from the Just Beyond episode titled “My Monster,” and features a young girl named Olivia getting an unwelcome surprise as she walks down a suitably spooky corridor.

In “My Monster,” Olivia (Megan Stott) is living in her mother’s childhood home after her parents got divorced, something that has understandably made her anxious and overwhelmed. The home — with its flickering lights and masked monster — is only making things worse, and she along with her new neighbor Graham work to get to the bottom of the house’s hauntings.

Check out the clip below:

Just Beyond (Disney+) - Exclusive Clip from “My Monster”

Like the other episodes in the series, “My Monster” focuses on real childhood issues, in Olivia’s case, the stress of your parents getting a divorce. “We wanted every one of these stories to be able to relate to something in the real life of a young person,” showrunner Seth Grahame-Smith said during the show’s virtual New York Comic Con panel this past weekend.

Grahame-Smith also hopes the show will be an entry point for young horror fans. “It’s a place where you could be really scared, but not necessarily going to be subjected to gore or something truly traumatizing,” he also said during the NYCC panel. “It’s almost like a real introductory lesson to people who will watch horror movies in the future. This is your first real taste of that world. And you’re going to be scared and you’re going to be anxious and you’re going to be worried and you’re going to be surprised, but you’re not going to be scarred necessarily.”

In addition to Stott, Just Beyond’s “My Monster” episode stars Sally Pressman, Elisha Henig, Marcelle LeBlanc, Camryn Jade, and Max Bickelhaup.

You can watch this episode and the other seven Just Beyond stories on Disney+ starting Oct. 13.