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'Justice U': Diggle's getting his own super-team in new Arrowverse series starring David Ramsey

Oliver Queen's longtime partner is about to step into the spotlight.

By Josh Weiss & Trent Moore
David Ramsey Arrow

John Diggle, Oliver Queen's longtime ally and partner on Arrow, is stepping into the spotlight with his very own TV show. Per Deadline, actor David Ramsey is currently in discussions to reprise the role of Diggle in a new The CW spinoff series called Justice U.

After years of serving as a masked vigilante on Arrow and across the Arrowverse at large, the fan favorite character will step into a mentor/Professor Xavier-type role in this new project, recruiting and training five young meta-humans who are then sent to live incognito at a distinguished college. "There, he will oversee their education and train them to become the heroes of tomorrow," reads the synopsis provided to Deadline.

Ramsey — who has already directed episodes of Arrow, Legends of Tomorrow, Supergirl, Batman, and Superman & Lois — will helm the pilot, should the project get picked up by the network. The project falls under a new creative deal he just signed with Berlanti Productions, which allows him to both direct and guest star in the ever-growing slate of Arrowverse content.

Though most of the Arrow cast has been left off-screen since that series wrapped, Diggle has proven the exception to the rule. Following the conclusion of Arrow, Diggle returned to the Arrowverse with a major story arc last season, appearing on several different shows while working with Argus and coordinating with the remaining heroes still keeping the universe safe. Considering Arrow was the OG series that started it all, it's made for great connective tissue to have Diggle stick around to keep the spirit of that team and story alive.

The Arrowverse is in a unique position in the wake of Arrow, Black Lightning and Supergirl all flying off into the sunset, with plenty of remaining shows holding down the schedule and a few new ones starting up the next generation. The Flash is getting deep into its run, but shows no signs of slowing down at this point, after revamping its core cast as it heads into the meat of Season 8. Legends of Tomorrow continues to do well as a wild ensemble series, and Batwoman and Stargirl are going strong. Superman & Lois is proving a solid hit as its second season started this week, and the network just launched new series Naomi. There's also a villain-centric Gotham Knights project also in the early stages of development. 

Though all those projects are a lot of fun, getting Ramsey back into the fold could be a great move to retain the Arrow audience, especially after the network opted not to move forward with a future-set spinoff series that would've focused on Oliver and Felicity's adult daughter taking up the Green Arrow mantle. Who knows? It might also finally give us some answers on that dangling Green Lantern tease from the Arrow finale, too.