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Kenan Thompson brings Funky Kong to 'SNL' to talk alternate 'Mario' movie script

Funky Kong hit Saturday Night Live to talk about why he's not in the movie very much.

By Matthew Jackson
The Super Mario Bros. Movie Trailer

The Super Mario Bros. Movie is, of course, packed with Easter eggs from decades of Nintendo history, from Mario foes new and old to various supporting characters from throughout the games who just pop up in the background on occasion. Now, one of those characters, Funky Kong, is out to explain why his cameo is an injustice.

Funky, played by the great Kenan Thompson, stopped by the Weekend Update desk at Saturday Night Live over the weekend, ostensibly to mark The Super Mario Bros. Movie's success as the top movie at the box office for the second week in a row. But Funky Kong had other things on his mind. Speaking to Update anchor Colin Jost, Funky explained that he was originally supposed to do much more than show up in the background of the Rainbow Road sequence driving alongside the rest of the ensemble.

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"I had a few choice scenes," Funky said. "I was incredible!"

So, why didn't we get to see the full measure of Funky Kong's talents on the big screen? According to the man himself, his part got seriously cut.

"Man, they cut me out. I guess Funky Kong is too real for 'em," he said. "They don't wanna hear what I gots to say."

And to prove that he had a larger role cut from the film, Funky even brought along a copy of the "original" Super Mario Bros. Movie script, in which his character talks about...well, just watch.

See Kenan Thompson bring Funky Kong to Saturday Night Live:

OK, so the whole original script thing might have been a bit, but it's still fun to see Funky Kong stop by for a larger appearance, and it's especially fun in the hands of Thompson. The longest-serving SNL cast member in the show's history is still around for a reason. He can squeeze the maximum amount of laughter out of even the most basic sketch, and when you give him an Update spotlight and room to run to like this, he takes total control of the audience. It's a joy to watch. 

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