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SYFY WIRE Adam Driver

Kylo Ren is an undercover First Order intern in Adam Driver's latest SNL appearance

By Matthew Jackson
Adam Driver Undercover Ren SNL

When Adam Driver hosted Saturday Night Live for the first time in January of 2016, he was just one month removed from the release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, and the show was eager to capitalize on the popularity of his then-new character, the villainous Kylo Ren. So SNL merged Star Wars with the reality series Undercover Boss for an unforgettable parody that featured Driver deadpanning through a sketch as Kylo, who was trying to get to know his First Order subordinates by posing as a lowly radar technician named "Matt."

Driver returned to the SNL stage Saturday night for his third time hosting, this time a little more than a month after his final film as Kylo Ren: Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. That meant it was very likely the show would try to squeeze out some Star Wars material yet again, and we got it in the form of a sequel to the now-classic Undercover Boss sketch. 

Framed as "Where Are They Now?" follow-up to the original, the sketch is quick to point out that a lot's happened to Kylo Ren since Undercover Boss last visited him, and perhaps it's time for him to get a little closer to the people who make the First Order run. So Kylo dons another wig and another uniform and takes an even lower position within his tyrannical war machine, this time posing as an intern named "Randy."

Check out the new sketch below, including Kylo's attempt to make a coworker's dreams come true ... until they decide to bring up his old Master.

Though it might not seem as fresh as the first sketch (that's just the price you pay for trying to make a sequel), the adventures of Randy the First Order intern work in hilarious fashion because of how much Driver is willing to commit to the gag. He's become a gifted SNL host in his three appearances on the show thanks to the intensity he brings, but also thanks to his willingness to get as silly as it takes, whether he's using the Force to blow apart a printer or playing a deranged oil baron in a classic sketch from his second time hosting. 

Driver also brought up Star Wars during his opening monologue, during which he mentioned he plays Kylo Ren in "the space one." The opening was all about focusing on the famously intense Driver's ability to be "chill," and featured him roaming around the studio trying to appear relaxed, while letting out little comedic bursts of darkness. One of those bursts included handing a Kylo Ren action figure to a fan in the audience just before threatening "if I find that on eBay, I'll kill you."

It's nice to know that even though Adam Driver may be done with Star Wars, Kylo Ren's murderous intensity is still lurking somewhere behind those eyes.