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SYFY WIRE Gina Rodriguez

‘Last Known Position’ podcast brings Gina Rodriguez as well as 'Lost' & 'Manifest' vibes to Prime

The lead actor of the podcast, Gina Rodriguez, will also play the lead in the television series. 

By Vanessa Armstrong
Gina Rodriguez

Ready for another television show about a commercial flight ending with some inexplicable, possibly supernatural, shenanigans? If so, you’re in luck — the QCode podcast Last Known Position about an investigation into a jetliner that mysteriously crashed into the ocean — is getting adapted into a Prime Video television series.

According to Deadline, the lead star of the podcast, Jane the Virgin’s Gina Rodriguez, is also making the leap to TV again, and will reprise her role as submersible pilot Mikaela Soto as well as executive produce. 

The podcast version of Last Known Position was created by Luke Passmore and directed by John Wynn. It premiered in Dec. 2021 with stars Rodriguez, James Purefoy, Manny Jacinto, Olivia Cheng, Ashley Bell, JR Bourne, Travis Joe Dixon, Matthew Henerson, Jessica Oyelowo, Venk Potula, and Giovanna Quinto. 

There’s no news yet on whether any of the original actors will join Rodriguez in the television version, though Passmore will adapt the eight-episode podcast to the small screen as well as executive produce. In the podcast, the story centers on an investigation into the aforementioned crash, which uncovers that a sea creature from the deep might have been responsible for bringing the plane down. If you’re getting some smoke monster on Lost vibes from this tale, you’re not alone.

This also isn’t the first fictional podcast getting adapted to an audio/visual medium. At QCode alone, the podcast Blackout is set to be adapted with Rami Moore starring along with Dirty Diana, which has Demi Moore as a lead. Two other podcasts — The Left, Right Game starring Tessa Thompson and Hank the Cowdog starring Matthew McConaughey — are also set for adaptation. 

No news yet on when Last Known Position’s adaptation will make its way to Prime Video.

Looking for another investigative thriller in the meantime? Check out Peacock’s The Undeclared War limited series when it premieres on Peacock on Thursday, Aug. 18.