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'Last Light': Matthew Fox takes on global crisis in first trailer for Peacock's high-concept eco-thriller

Based on the novel written by Alex Scarrow, Last Light debuts on Peacock Thursday, Sep. 8.

By Josh Weiss

Lost alum Matthew Fox returns to the world of television for the first time in a decade with the initial trailer for Peacock's limited eco-thriller series, Last Light. Based on the 2009 novel of the same name written by Alex Scarrow, the project (arriving early next month) revolves around a catastrophic oil crisis that brings civilization to the brink of collapse.

When the world's supply of fossil fuels begins to fail, transportation grinds to a halt, mass panic erupts in the streets, and law enforcement becomes overwhelmed. Petro-chemist Andy Nielson (played by Fox) may be the only person who can rectify the situation, but his expertise in the field suddenly makes him a prime target for what appears to be a group of terrorists, who may have had a hand in sabotaging one of the planet's most precious natural resources.

As the situation worsens, Andy struggles to reunite with his immediate family — a teenage eco-warrior daughter alone in London and a wife and disabled son in Paris — and is confronted with his goal of striving for a greener society. Joanne Froggatt (Downton Abbey), Alyth Ross (Traces), Amber Rose Revah (The Punisher), Victor Alli (The Man Who Fell to Earth), Tom Wlaschiha (Stranger Things 4), Hakeem Jomah (Rashah), and Taylor Fay round out the principal cast.

Watch the trailer now:

Last Light is the perfect combination of an action-packed limited series with a compelling family drama at its heart,” Lisa Katz, president scripted content, NBCUniversal Television and Streaming, said last fall.  “Led by fan-favorites Matthew Fox and Joanne Froggatt, this sweeping international saga spans several continents that provide a stunning global backdrop, yet is grounded in a relatable and topical story.  We can’t wait to share this with Peacock audiences.” 

“This is a timely thriller about society’s dependency on oil and its devastating effects on our planet.  Diego Piasek, our head of development told me about Dennie connecting with this important message.  Dennie is a multi-genre talented female director and her vision with Patrick and John, has shaped an urgent message for our audiences.  We started this journey with Sydney and now with all our platform partners involved, we are poised to have this message heard in every corner of the globe,” added Rola Bauer, President of co-producing studio, MGM International TV Productions. ​​​​​  

Fox executive produced the series alongside Dennie Gordon (the Jack Ryan alum directed all five episodes), William Choi, Sydney Gallonde, Rikke Ennis, Patrick Renault, Diego Piasek, Patrick Massett, and John Zinman. Rola Bauer and Steven Johnson are co-executive producers, while Veronika Lencova occupies the role of producer.

Filmed on location in Prague, Paris, and Abu Dhabi, Last Light debuts on Peacock Thursday, Sep. 8.