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Scream Queen Real Estate: Laurie Strode Home From 1978's Halloween Sells for $1.68 Million

Honestly, it's a small price to pay for a piece of slasher history.

By Josh Weiss

Everyone's entitled to one good piece of real estate. 

The Laurie Strode house famously featured in John Carpenter's original Halloween film (released in 1978) is no longer on the market. SYFY WIRE has confirmed that the iconic piece of slasher history has sold for $1.68 million (it was originally listed for $1.8 million).

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Where is the Laurie Strode Halloween house?

Situated within South Pasadena, California — which stood in for the sleepy Midwestern hamlet of Haddonfield, Illinois due to the shoestring nature of the indie production — the triplex domicile can be found at 1103 Fairview Avenue on a parcel of land spanning 5,258 square feet. The house itself comprises nearly 3,000 square feet, complete with four bedrooms and three full bathrooms.

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In addition, the official listing from eXp Realty of Los Angeles highlighted the property's close proximity to "the award-winning Farmer's Market on Thursdays 3 blocks away, shopping, restaurants, vintage boutiques, music/arts festivals and, of course, the South Pasadena Public Library and Senior Center which is right across the street. The Metro Gold Line is 3 blocks away."

It'a a pretty killer setup, if you don't mind the pun.

An exterior view of the flora-covered front of the house from Fairview Ave.
An exterior bird's eye view of the houses surrounded by trees in a suburban neighborhood.
An exterior view of the house from Oxley Street.
A well-lit porch with a chair, plant, table, and paneled windows.
An exterior view of the house and its large avocado tree.
An interior view of the living room with wood floors and ample lighting.
An interior view of the house's built in furniture like a storage cabinet.

Despite the fact that the Strode residence isn't quite as famous as the abandoned Myers house or even the Doyle dwelling (the latter serves as the backdrop for the movie's final confrontation), Collider does point out that it still carries a respectable pedigree as the place where Laurie (Jamie Lee Curtis) glimpses Michael standing amid the flapping clothesline ahead of the evening's bloody festivities.

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And while the listing didn't make a single mention of the home's link to cinematic history, realtor Heidi Babcock assured SYFY WIRE that "the neighborhood of South Pasadena embraces the holiday. During trick ‘r treating season, there’s always a Michael Myers on the block." The property, Babcock went on to explain, had been in the same family for a total of four generations, going back to the 1930s. In fact, the grandfather of the erstwhile owners planted an avocado tree that makes a prominent appearance in the Carpenter film.

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Originally published Sep 12, 2023.