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The team plays beer pong to acquire god-like powers in the latest Legends of Tomorrow

By Trent Moore

The Legends have successfully assembled the legendary Loom of Fate, they just don’t have the godlike power needed to wield it. So they head back to college for a magical chalice that should do the trick. As often happens in college, it all comes down to a game of beer pong.

Spoilers ahead for “Freaks and Geeks,” the latest episode of The CW’s Legends of Tomorrow, which aired Tuesday, May 12, 2020.

This episode found Legends of Tomorrow doing what it does best — telling a story about friendship and relationships, all wrapped up in a magically silly plot to keep it rolling. This week, the team’s research leads them to realize the magical chalice of Dionysius can allow anyone who drinks from it to become immortal for 24 hours, as they need that kind of power to successfully wield the Loom of Fate. Luckily, Nate knows where they can find the cup — he remembers it from his time in college, as the magical chug cup was an on-campus legend. So the Legends head back to campus, and they’re going Greek.

Turns out the chalice is still kicking around Hudson University (a famed college in the DC Comics universe, most notably where Dick Grayson attended), and there’s a good reason for that — Dionysius himself has been hiding out there for years under the nickname Dion, leading a frat house where the party never stops. So the Legends head to retrieve the chalice, but it’s under the authority of Dion, who has set up a challenge where only the frat house that wins the chug challenge can acquire the cup. After stealing the cup is a no-go, the Legends start a sorority to win the chalice themselves.

That setup serves as an excellent vehicle to get Astra deeper into the Legends fold, where she gets a chance to bond with Zari, Sara, Ava, and Charlie while forming their frat — and even getting in on some good old-fashioned college hijinks along the way. You know, after they talk Astra out of burning down the rival frat house. The swift turn in Astra’s story has been an interesting one, and if there’s one thing this series has always done well, it’s redemption. Could they be setting up Astra to join the Legends longer-term, or is this just a short stint to wrap up her arc? Only time will tell, but it’s clear she’s quickly becoming a good fit in the ensemble.


They even start up an inclusive new sorority along the way, bringing in the misfits just looking to fit in at Hudson. Even after the Legends wrap their mission, the girls decide to keep it going. It’s a sweet moment, and a nice showing that even their wacky plans get to do a little bit of good in the world.

Nate also gets to relive his glory days a bit, after drinking some of Dion’s magical beer that literally takes him back to the maturity of his college years. The trip to Hudson also serves as a chance for Rory’s daughter to tour the campus, and Rory rigs the game a bit by going back in time and donating to the university to get a building named after him — you know, which should help her chances of acceptance. But they really get to bond when they go and retrieve the chalice together, and though he does it in his own way, Mick really is making an effort at being a father.

As for the episode’s big climax, Legends continues to not be your typical superhero show. No big battles or CGI wackiness here — just a high-stakes game of beer pong. With the Legends out of options to win the chalice, Sara challenges Dion to the most famed game of the college years, then uses her super powers and assassin training to mop the floor with him. So the Legends win the chalice, and the team decide to drink it together so they can all share the burden of using the loom.

Things don’t go exactly as planned, though, when Charlie’s fellow god-sister shows up to cash in on the favor Astra owes her. We don’t get to see what that is, but it’s almost certainly not good for the Legends.

Next week: The rest of the Arrowverse might be wrapping up, but Legends is still rolling for now. Next week’s episode finds the team surrounded by zombies, in an episode that looks to be a fun horror movie twist.