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The Loom of Fate and a demon emotional support dog in the latest Legends of Tomorrow

By Trent Moore
Legends of Tomorrow Nate

Charlie finally takes a crack at using the Loom of Fate to fix everyone’s problems, but things do not go as planned. Oh, and all this craziness hits while Mick has brought his daughter on board to teach her about the superhero life.

Spoilers ahead for “Ship Broken,” the latest episode of DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, which aired Tuesday, May 5, 2020 on The CW.

The team has spent the past several weeks working to gather the three rings that make up the Loom of Fate, and now they finally have them. They have a laundry list they want to use it for, too — bringing back Behrad, restoring Astra’s mother, and helping heal Sara (who is going through all kinds of things, from a coma to blindness, after getting blasted with god-like power from Charlie’s sister). So the resident Fate, Charlie, fires up the rings to try and bring Behrad back. Except she can’t pull the string to where she needs it and the whole attempt explodes in her face. Literally. 

The magical blast knocks the Waverider out of commission, leaving the team adrift while they try to fix it. Then, to make matters worse, the rings themselves go missing — so they lock up resident Hell queen Astra, assuming she was the one who stole them. Astra landed on the ship last week following a trip to Hell, as she threw her lot in with the Legends in hopes they could finally use the Loom to bring back her mother, part of a deal she cut earlier in the season with Constantine. Oh, and Gary shows up with an adorable little pup, and a letter from his doctor, noting the doggo with a loose bladder is his emotional support animal.

Then, the ship is sabotaged and the rings go missing. Yeah, when it rains it pours for the D-list heroes. Around this time Sara finally wakes up from her coma, except she’s blind — and seeing terrifying visions of everyone’s deaths whenever someone touches her. Charlie is convinced they’re visions of the future, the fallout of her god-powered run-in, though Sara dismisses them as nightmares. Things get even weirder when they investigate and discover everyone from Zari, to Charlie and Nate were responsible for the sabotage and thefts — even though they don’t remember any of it.

Legends of Tomorrow Ava Sara

It turns out Charlie is right, Sara is seeing the future — and she manages to use her newfound powers to figure out the cause of all this chaos is Gary’s new therapy dog. Turns out he adopted him from Hell (oh, Gary), and the dog is basically mind-controlling everyone into doing his chaotic, crazy bidding. He’s not working for anyone, it seems, just happy to cause trouble wherever he can pee on the floor. He even turns Nate to almost bash Zari and Charlie’s brains in with a chair, though thankfully Gary saves the day with a dog whistle.

Astra helps out Constantine with some hell-ish intel on their newfound hell hound, and Constantine manages to send it packing back to the lake of fire, just in time.

Elsewhere on the ship, Mick is trying to bond with his estranged daughter, who he has brought along in an effort to impress her — while also explaining where he’s been her entire life. When she realizes her dad works with superheroes, she’s understandably impressed, and Mick even gets a chance to save her life while the hell hound is going rogue. She also gets tempted by the age old time travel cheat to make yourself rich, which drives a rift between her and Mick for a moment as he sees himself in her, but not in a good way. Mick has made a lot of mistakes in his life, and doesn't want her to repeat them. It's a sweet moment, and you can see he really does mean well.

It’s not the weekend he had planned, obviously, but they at least get a chance to draw a bit closer. Mick has been a character largely sidelined when it comes to the meaty stories like this, and it’s been refreshing to see this arc play out. Here’s hoping we get to see even more of it.

With the hellhound dispatched and everyone safe, Gary digs through the trash to recover the missing rings. So, the Loom is safe — they just have to regroup before Charlie takes another crack at actually using it. They also get Gideon back online and try to use the sci-fi ship to heal Sara’s eyes. The only problem is it doesn’t work, and Capt. Lance remains blind at episode’s end. But, at least she can see the future, that must come in handy at some point, right?

Next week: The Legends are going back to college, with frat parties and all.