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Captain America capping teeth: Chris Evans to play dentist in Little Shop of Horrors

By Jacob Oller

Chris Evans is turning in his role as Cap' for a role capping teeth, as the actor and retired Avenger hangs up his MCU duds for a musical turn. Yes, the upcoming reimagining of Roger Corman's horror-comedy Little Shop of Horrors is putting its cast together and Captain America portrayer Evans has been eyed to be the iconic evil dentist.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, director Greg Berlanti's take on the oddball cult film-turned-musical-turned-film about wimpy florist Seymour and his talking, carnivorous monster-plant Audrey II is considering a swath of talent (Scarlett Johansson and Taron Egerton are circling deals to play the leads while Billy Porter is on board as the plant's voice), but secured a pivotal supporting role in Evans.

Evans will play Orin Scrivello, the abusive dentist boyfriend of Seymour's co-worker crush Audrey. He loves laughing gas, operating, and being a real creep. Fans might remember him as played by Steve Martin in the 1986 Frank Oz-directed version of the story:

It's easy to think of Evans playing over-the-top, leatherbound evil — especially after his villainous turn in last year's Knives Out — but there's another big ask for the actor: singing. THR reports that Evans will need to sing for the role, which makes sense considering the musical has a big dentist-focused number titled, fittingly, "Dentist!"

Little Shop of Horrors aims to shoot this summer.

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