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SYFY WIRE Lost in Space

The Robinsons reveal what they wanted, and got, from the 'Lost in Space' finale

Maxwell Jenkins, Toby Stephens and Molly Parker reveal their hopes and dreams for the Lost in Space series finale.

By Tara Bennett
Lost in Space 304 PRESS

After a very long hiatus, Netflix’s reboot of Lost in Space has completed its three year arc and now we know if the Robinsons, the robot, and everyone we care about made it to Alpha Centauri and their “happy ending” after a lot of space based drama.

Warning: There are spoilers for the series finale of Netflix’s Lost in Space.

Going into the finale season, most of the cast said they hoped they would get to play out a happy ending — which the show pretty much served up with the family surviving to live on Alpha Centauri, even if it’s not quite what they expected.

“I love the fact that even when they get there, it's not the Garden of Eden,” Toby Stephens (John Robinson) tells SYFY WIRE. “That seems right to me, that it's not suddenly that they land there and everything is paradise. It's a struggle and it will continue to be a struggle. But that's life, and at least there's somewhere where they can call home and I like that.”

Lost in Space Season 3

For Maxwell Jenkins (Will Robinson), it was all about coming back to the family unit. “It was really important to me that I finished the journey where we started, as a family, as well as with the robot and showing that growth,” the actor says.. “We do get a scene all together around the dinner table, but then also have Will Robinson go off on his own was really important to me. And as soon as the writers said that was a possibility, I knew I couldn't let that go because it comes full circle. Will Robinson is relying on his family and then now he's going off and doing his own thing, which I really like.”

Jenkins was also happy that Will and Robot might be out there having adventures that could be part of new adventures someday in the future. 

“For the ending, it was really important to me that my final scenes were with the robot,” he says.  “Even if this is listed as the final season, we leave the door open for maybe something in the future and I wouldn't mind seeing something later on. I think what was cool about the third season is that Will Robinson's hero's journey was going from like Harry Potter/Luke Skywalker to more of a Han Solo feel. I wouldn't mind seeing him doing a Han Solo/Chewbacca thing down the road, just to nerd out.”

And just in case your tear ducts leaked a bit watching Penny (Mina Sudwall) and John Robinson finally share a moment together, Stephens agrees. He and Sudwall had an on-screen meeting on their wishlist but they never thought they would actually get it. The actor says that it was an ongoing joke for him and Sudwell that their characters were never really given any moments of note together. 

“We joke going, ‘Are we actually related? We don't talk to one another,’” Stephens recalls. “I had this lovely arc with Taylor (Russell) in Season 2 and I have this intense relationship with Max. But finally, we get a little sequence where we're together and I get to hang out with her, so that was really lovely and it was really great to work with Mina and have those scenes.”

With the Robinsons content, in a far safer future, actress Molly Parker (Maureen Robinson) says the final day of shooting echoed the feelings of their fictional characters in the end. 

With the very last day of production on Dec. 23, 2020, she was able to take stock and be in the moment to say goodbye. “We'd somehow managed to make this show during this pandemic and it was really very difficult to do as we were one of the first shows to come back,” she explains. “So, we were shooting in this massive studio in this space that was black but things were on fire. The lighting was incredibly dramatic and I just remember standing and looking around at all these people that I love so much, and knowing that this is the last moment before we all move away from each other and it was really special.”