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SYFY WIRE Manifest

Manifest trailer teases jumbo-sized reveal as Season 3 clears for takeoff

By Benjamin Bullard
Manifest via NBC website

Manifest brought its second season in for a finale landing that came with one watery whopper of a jumbo-jet discovery. But NBC’s new teaser for next month’s return of the supernaturally laced dimensional drama hints that it may have only served as an even bigger runway for what’s to come.

The new look at the series’ upcoming third season assembles the shattered pieces, so to speak, of the central mystery that has basically dominated the lives of all the survivors of Montego Flight 828. Fans of the show may want to tread cautiously here; the clip reveals (or seems to, at least) a little more than you might be bargaining for...especially in light of the flight's tail fin ocean find that closed out Season 2 on such a cliffhanger.

Check it out:

It looks like Ben (Josh Dallas) may be a key piece of the puzzle surrounding those fateful events in the sky five years ago, especially with his paranormal new link to Flight 828’s wreckage. But there may be more sinister answers than even the supernatural can provide: The clip’s final moments reveal what looks like an underground, S.H.I.E.L.D.-like research facility where the government — or someone — has managed to recover, reassemble, and begin researching the entire plane.

Showrunner Jeff Rake recently shared with SYFY WIRE that Manifest’s third season would establish some basic ground rules early, in order to orient fans to the whole tail fin mystery that pulled the rug out from under everyone in the Season 2 finale.

“The unveiling of the mystery regarding the tail fin is threaded throughout the [third] season,” Rake said at a media roundtable event. "However, we frontload revelations associated with it so I think that viewers will find that in the first batch of episodes we come to some fundamental understandings. We get to a point of clarity in regard to some of the most fundamental questions about the underlying mystery.”

The trailer alone definitely points to answers we weren’t quite expecting…at least, not this early. But as Rake hinted, it all appears to be leading to something even bigger. Strap in for destinations unknown as the Season 3 premiere of Manifest prepares to take flight at NBC starting April 1.

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