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SYFY WIRE Manifest

'Manifest' is back with a new calling in first look clip at Netflix's final season of breakout hit

Watch as Michaela Stone makes a shocking discovery inside a shipping container.

By Josh Weiss
Manifest Season 4 Netflix Geeked Week

Calling all 828ers! Get it? Calling...? Well, we thought it was clever. Oh, well — there's no pleasing anyone. Anyway, Netflix took flight during the start of its second annual Geeked Weekend celebration this week with an exclusive clip from the jumbo jet-sized final season of Manifest.

Introduced by cast member Josh Dallas (who plays the role of Ben Stone), the footage in question finds Michaela Stone (Melissa Roxburgh) following a vision down to the New York City docks, where she makes a shocking discovery inside one of the shipping containers. She'll catch hell if she's caught snooping around, especially since she resigned from the NYPD at the end of Season 3.

The Jeff Rake-created television series, which shifted from NBC to Netflix last summer, will close out its story with 20 additional episodes released across two parts. Sadly, no premiere date has been announced for the first half, though we'd expect it'll land before the year is out.

Check out the clip below:

“I walked [Netflix] through a bunch of twists and turns, I’ve always had a bunch of big flags in the sand — things that would happen along the way," Rake explained not long after the streaming giant agreed to take on the show for one last outing. "But the excellent news is that they’re now going to be able to see them all play out in real time, because the 20 episodes that I have been gifted allows me to take the entire roadmap that I already had planned out in front of me and overlay that over these 20 episodes. Fundamentally, I’m going to be able to continue telling the story that I was always going to tell."

Production on Season 4 kicked off in late 2021. The first three seasons aired on NBC and are currently streaming on Netflix. Once the first few seasons arrived on Netflix during the pandemic, viewership surged and the show became a breakout hit as more and more fans dove into the mysterious sci-fi mythos.

The show centers around a group of airline passengers who mysteriously disappear for a total of five years while on a flight from Jamaica to New York. They're all written off as dead by the rest of the world, which has moved on from its grieving, when the plane suddenly shows up out of out of the blue.

No one, not even top scientists, can fully explain what happened as the missing individuals of Flight 828 attempt to re-assimilate back into regular society, soon finding out that their old lives have long since passed them by over the last half a decade. What's more: they are somehow psychically linked to one another, constantly driven by precognitive visions (dubbed "Callings") that compel them to save lives and prevent catastrophes.

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