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Mark Hamill signs off on Joaquin Phoenix's 'diabolically delicious' Joker

By Jacob Oller
Mask of the Phantasm Joker

Now that Joaquin Phoenix’s take on the most famous comic book villain ever is out in the world (at least as much as can be before Joker hits theaters this fall), those tied to the character are weighing in just as excitedly as fans of Batman's greatest foe. The upcoming DC film from writer/director Todd Phillips won over many with its first footage, including those who have played the character before — like Mark Hamill.

The Star Wars actor began voicing the Clown Prince of Crime back in Batman: The Animated Series, leading to the role becoming almost as iconic for him as Luke Skywalker. His voice helped Batman: Mask of the Phantasm become one of the best Batman films while giving the Arkham Asylum video games added oomph.

Now he’s ready to pass the torch, or at least acknowledge his villainous peer. Tweeting out the film’s new trailer, the actor gave Phoenix and Phillips his seal of approval while paying respects to the character himself.

Take a look:

“A diabolically delicious character + a superb actor + a brilliant writer/director = YES PLEASE!!!” Hamill writes, and if fans don’t hear it in the Joker’s own maniacal voice, then they haven’t been watching enough animated Batman adventures.

This new take on the Joker seems equal parts Heath Ledger from The Dark Knight and Robert De Niro from The King of Comedy, with plenty of pathetic masculine bravado thrown in for good measure. And just like that, Arthur Fleck aka The Joker discovers comedy in tragedy and Hamill has discovered a new way to enjoy a character he’s played since 1992.

Joker laughs his way into theaters on Oct. 4.