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SYFY WIRE Marvel's Runaways

Things get dark in the Season 3 trailer for Marvel's Runaways

By Christian Long
Marvel's Runaways

The first teaser for Season 3 of Marvel's The Runaways is here, and by all indications, things are looking bad for our group of young heroes. 

The third season finds the Runaways frantically searching for their trio of captured friends, while the gang go head to head with an unstoppable enemy who has targeted Leslie's (Annie Wersching) still-unborn child. To make matters worse, Nico (Lyrica Okano) is struggling with some big-time dark forces and ends up drawing everyone into a dark realm that's ruled by Morgan le Fay (Elizabeth Hurley). Though we see very little of her in the new teaser, she looks to be a force much more powerful than anything they've ever dealt with before. 

You can check out the trailer for yourself right here:

Marvel's Runaways Teaser • A Hulu Original

A staple of Arthurian legend, le Fay first entered the Marvel Universe in the mid-1950s via writer Stan Lee and artist Joe Maneely. A former disciple of Merlin, le Fay has long-since cemented herself as a sharp-witted villain with mastery of abilities including mystic energy and astral projection, all of which seem to be in full-effect here. 

Of course, the teaser's big takeaway is that in the teaser's final seconds, we finally see proof of the Cloak & Dagger crossover that was first promised back in August

With Netflix pulling the plug on all its Marvel shows, and with Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. ending next season, and Hulu's Ghost Rider spinoff having bit the dust at the starting gateRunaways remains one of the few live-action Marvel projects still going strong (aside from the upcoming MCU tie-in shows coming to Disney+, of course). 

Marvel's The Runaways Season 3 will return to Hulu on December 12.